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  1. Rosenquarz

    Low Fps

    the performance of this game is completely unacceptable. with the chosen graphics style and amount of geometry we should at least see 100+ fps. the devs need to spend some times on optimization or a lot of players won't even consider playing.
  2. I just got the game a couple days ago and enjoyed leveling up two characters to 30. Killing stuff in a party is fun, and the tutorial explained most mechanics to me once i learned to actually read instead of just skipping through the quest texts. I will now describe my beginner experience with the crafting system. My most favorite mechanics are gathering and crafting. Making my own bandages, food and tools was an interesting experience. However, I soon reached a dead end when I crafted my own advanced rune tools and later found out that I cannot even use them. Somebody on the forums gave
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