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  1. I recently read the 3 classes summaries and am very excited about the progress made. For the Confessor, I wanted to suggest that the dash ability be used in conjunction with the fireball throwing ability to increase the velocity and power of that fireball. I guess I am saying is, if the Confessor dashes forward, the fireball should have some added oomph to it and travel a bit faster and farther than if you were just standing still. Of course if this all has already been considered in the physics engine, then I won't say anything more. Maybe another area of exploration is if players can accelerate other players or 'launch' them so that they can move farther than they could do alone. That would be a very interesting mechanic that I would like to see as well.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWYEWRrFgUY I think the most important lessons that this video shows is knowing the player psychology and really understanding the fundamental reasons to what players want to play a game is all that matters. I will not write too much, but if Crowfall can hit those points, it will be a phenomenal game.
  3. 1. With the specialist who can dig tunnels, it opens the possibility to build tunnels to POIs such as a resource rich location. It would be very tedious and slow, but it could be possible to ferry goods through underground tunnels. For this to work better, it might be worth allowing guilds to share maps of areas explored and also share tunnels as well. Coordination and strategy are key and this adds to cooperation between players. 2. The other specialist abilities have not been revealed, but there's the possibility of stealth involved. I hope that this and tracking are also some key abilities that can help players track and ambush caravans. As multiplayer games have evolved, there has been the use of programs such as Ventrilo, Teamspeak, etc. I hope there will be some features to talk to players in this way. 3. The videos show a castle wall being destroyed in roughly 3 hits - I hope that it would actually be realistic and feel more like a challenge to scale/destroy/defend key fortresses. Allow barriers to be enchanted by magic so that it would fall only after being hit maybe ~30 times before being breached. This way there is enough time for defenders to arrive.
  4. Removing targeting removes the "focus fire" mentality. It doesn't feel "fun" on the receiving end of being focus fired by multiple people. Sure, it's a great tactic, but it's more fun to last a bit longer in combat and design tactics around this mechanic. Since there isn't the ability to focus fire, it removes the need for a pure healer.
  5. I think there should be some flexibility to enter different campaigns because you might have other friends in campaigns that you want to help/join. I think you should get at least 2 campaigns that you could join. Or maybe you can join a campaign and decide to bring back nothing - just so that you can be part of a campaign to help a friend or just try something out.
  6. Very excited about the crafting system. I hope to learn more about the Thrall system. If you kill other players will you be able to obtain Thralls? That would be VERY interesting in this regard.
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