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  1. I personally think that this Class needs to be redesigned completely. It is no fun to play at all. I Started one on Saturday and all the way to lvl 20 it really did not even have a heal ability yet really and only two offensive abilities. The essence mechanic was draining so fast and then you do what? Start sacrificing your health to get some essence so you can continue playing? Ok tried it. By 20 I chose to go Archdruid..What a smorgasbord that decision was! The Play between Life and death Tray is abysmal! no fun at all and you wonder why it has to be like that? Not only it makes no sense but it has no meaning. The Essence burn...LOL... The worst mechanic for a game I gave ever experienced... I am sorry, I was so dismayed, I promptly recalled removed all my gear and emptied the inventory and deleted that character to make space for another class. It is not fun to play at all. (After the Druid Class in other games such as World of Warcraft...Crowfall's version leaves much to be desired, really a bad joke, please read some Fantasy to get inspiration about Druids) Cheers.
  2. I am not itching to play at this point, and here is some of the whys...in 3 key areas (do not want to make a long post). Crafting: I did enjoy Gathering but I dislike the way the Resources pop out in the world the you have to run around gather them and the worse is that they disappear after some time. That is completely ludicrous. It got old really fast, but before that the actual exploring to find nodes the variety of nodes and materials is nice. The durability of starting items being so low is annoying too, I like that we can just gather wood and make new gathering tools on the go, but their durability should last longer. As a Star Wars Galaxies vet (and Ultima Online), I can see the depth of the Crafting and the principles underlying it. The crafting Stations system, is great the variety of items that can be crafted is great and the general approach to it is great. The Skill system is annoyingly long...I do not even read the steps I train any more repetition just for the sake f repetition, efficiency, more efficiency and yet more efficiency plus some efficiency...not fleshed out, too many steps to train in to. And I think there should be a part that is completed via actually practicing the skill crafting items and gaining xp from doing so rather than untended skill training. RPG Elements: It bothers me that all the characters are named the same by the account and that we cannot create unique characters with own names. It is like if I am playing Planetside2 or something and not an MMORPG..is this an MMORPG to begin with? Is this a MOBA? Or at least do you want us to play this game like a MOBA on for a few minutes do some Siege PvP/Gathering and Crafting and Off when we get our fill? It lacks the stuff which encourages Social behavior which give meaning to our characters to the world our goals in the world. Why should I bother investing in creating something in the Eternal Kingdoms if these are empty all the time with no one interested in the social aspect as everyone is busy having a session of specific fun and then log off? Why should I even bother going to Campaigns even to gather/win stuff for the Eternal Kingdoms? Status? Show off? Greed/wealth?...these are all temporary goals... What contributes to the longevity of an in game community is the social bonds that players develop. At this point I come back periodically pout points in skills and log out... Combat System : This one I do not like at all in the current form. the Trays, especially for a ranged class, the slowdown in combat the manual in combat out combat mechanics are really unintuitive and clanky, do not flow well and are frustrating. Here is a Taste of my experience. Example: Sees a target, wants to engage, opps cannot attack because in non combat mode, press button to enter combat, attack with ranged, Has to manually aim and fire, target (PvE) jumps over very fast, what to do next? Point blank shooting arrows, very unintuitive, wants to place a trap, oops gotta switch tray lay the trap, oops cannot run away, out of combat run a bit faster in combat opps accidental switched to melee tray change tray to range shoot oops the target is upon me. BAghhh screw that! Lets go fight in WoW Classic. The flow is horrendous. And for a Combat oriented game such as this where the core activity will be mostly Combat (and since, if no one fights the economy collapses as people can go so far with basic resources)...this is a very important core system to get right. It has to be fluid and intuitive and to cater to the average player not the niche Min-Maxer who stacks everything on one specific way of fighting, to show off on Youtube and Twitch. I do not play games because of Twitch and Youtube. I know allot of people may disagree with me, please do. Disagreements and discussion in disagreement is a good thing as long as it is constructive. What I like to throw you way though, is, if everything is fine, then where are the masses of people in this game enjoying Core mechanisms? I understand it is early and Alpha, I am asking that question within that Context. I played other game in Alpha that were much more crowded, it shows when the systems of the game have good synergy and there is interest to play. Crowfall illicits interest to Test, but at this point not much interest to Play, yet there is much potential in the core idea. It is just not expressed in a way that meets that target at this time. And that becomes my answer, the most Addicitive/Defining thing about CF is the potential of its Ideas...It sounds really good on paper...
  3. I have been keeping my eye on this, as I am looking for a Good Sandbox Game and I am not picky on whether it is set in high Fantasy or Sci-Fi, who knows this could be the next SWG My only irk about it is the First Person approach, I do think for a proper MMORPG a 3rd person approach is best (SWG a good example). But in terms of Scope, Dynamic and Emergent Gameplay I think this one will be a big winner provided the right implementation and provided they avoid some common mistakes which end up making a game a niche within 3 months of release. Procedural systems and Player Crafting to Challenge your Imagination, since the game is based on Voxel Technology and everything in the world is editable and can even Script Functionality in to Crafted Items. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/ With 30,000 pledges thus far and more than 20 Million Euro amassed, it is at the Alpha Testing right now. There are some Videos out there about it, from Fans and Backers but I chose to share this one which is a compilation of all the Devs videos together, it is long but exhaustive and covers allot. Has anyone had the opportunity to try it out?
  4. I do not trust it..this looks like an Upgraded Lineage2, as exciting as the battles look it all depends again in the overall implementation of the game. If like lineage style...then it will be full of Gold sellers etc if designed in the same way. Also, for me ArcheAge and Albion sealed it. I do not play games where there is limited Conquest Point players compete to Conquer anymore. Because often the biggest zergs and the groups which RMT their way to the Top and Conquer those limited Castles, Palaces etc, also then have every interest to hold on and keep them. Which makes it very difficult and often impossible for other groups to achieve the same. It is even worse when the game expects people to get control of resources which are part of player progression... This is the mistake that EVE makes and the Mistake that Albion made too...Everyone had fun up to Tier 5 Resources...then you needed to go to the Outlands which were controlled by huge Guilds patrolling and killing any other player on sight... that is not Fun gameplay experience... You can talk all you want about toughness...risk vs Reward blah blah blha..but in the end it is all about fun and this design approach is not fun and works as a filter that eliminates players from the game by the day... self destructive. The Crowfall Eternal Kingdoms mitigates this problem in my opinion by separating the Competition element from the Building element. At least as I understand it thus far. So yeah...I want to know how the rest of the game works, is there leveling how long is it what type of effort is required and how big of a credit Card should I have? LOL... We are not newbies anymore getting impressed by nice and exciting graphics and battles, what lies behind this and how accessible what we see here is more important. It is same with finding your life partner ya? When we are young we go for looks and pay little attention to Character of the person, then we find out the hard way that what is on the inside is more important than the outside for a long lasting relationship. Because the outside changes with time anyways and the inside is what really makes a relationship loving and positive. Same deal with MMO's...could be all nice with exciting graphics and FX but if what is inside is rotten... 1-3 month your out.
  5. Hmm.. watching some videos about it, this is is an Isometric game, very interesting. Mouse and Keyboard Interaction! The Combat System is Action Oriented but it is under Isometric Context. It does not have the effect and feel of a First Person Shooter. No TAB targeting, in this context it should work well and not be Cumbersome. The vision seems to be Open ended and the gameplay Emergent, for a Dynamic experience (as it changes according to player interaction). I like this. I particularly relate to the "no needs of Huge amounts of Resources to build a House part", it looks reasonable, and the player does not have to wait months (or worse, labor for months) to create something tangible in the world carve a lil corner to share with others and become part of the world their character lives in, and move to higher goals of forming a small community, and engage in conjointly decided goals, establish a Trade society or become Outlaws thieves or murderers or the opposite become Knights to defend the weak and innocent. That prospect is the greatest when the game design makes it possible for players to decide what path they want to take and role to play in the world of their characters, and through them. That is purpose! Self defined as it should be. I do not mind full loot partial loot mechanics either, as long as it does not take a person hours to recover. If it is easy gone, it should be easy come too. And they seem to have followed that rule (finally). This is definitely worth a closer look
  6. This sounds very interesting. The way it describes its features and systems makes any Sandbox Goer drool. However, I have concerns about two things, due to years of raising my "disappointment skill" XP, I must be capped in it by now. 1st - The Combat System sounds First person Shooterish, lots of twitch. How many MMORPGs failed because of combining RPG elements with First Parson Shooters? Darkfall comes to mind..and many others. Twitch is not for everyone.. Sandbox games with robust Crafting systems expecting to Foster social interaction (Trade commerce, City planning Building Artisanship etc etc), attract players who prefer third person mouse selection based character action system (for crafting and combat etc etc). 2nd - As always, it all depends on the Overall Implementation which is based on the Vision of the Designer. All of the Sandboxes promise and claim to feature the same thing, Some non Sandboxes claim the same things too, *coughs* Albion *coughs* which claimed to be a Sandbox, yet meticulously defines all the mechanics of the player their path and their choices in a progression rail, from character gear tiers to harvesting to mounts to world resources....(in a trully sandbox game there is no tiered distribution of resources, resources are everywhere and accessible to all players not only certain "levels" or "tiers" or players), How can you claim that a game is a sandbox when the game prevents players from accessing the sand? *shakes head*-*rolls eyes* And on top of it makes it possible for some players to Monopolise the Higher end of the Game at the expense of all others and eventually their own (that is another issue). So yeah, how all these features work together and under what vision important. Sadly the only way to know for sure is to spend time playing the game investing time effort and possibly money and risk disappointment and frustration. It is not a reason not to try it of course, in keeping with an open hoping mind, yet I choose cynical caution to minimize the disappointment or enhance the delight. Who knows it maybe "it".
  7. I am not sure that reducing the combat System to one small element of it such as the auto-attack is making justice to the system, because WoW combat is not slow, it is actually very quite fast paced (I am talking about PvP here) and competitive. I suggest this video which compares the "Tab Targeting System" to the Non Tab Targeting system between ESO and WoW. Crowfall has the ESO system now I could say. I found this video actually fair without bias and an honest Comparison of the two. Comparing ESO and WoW Combat system In the end,there is no "best" system per say, each of them will simply attract different crowds. The question is which one fits best in a Combat Oriented Game and which one will appeal to more people too. In my Opinion Tab Targeting has a wider audience and appeals to more people of a wider age group than the more twitchy non Tab targeting combat. I guess we shall see, as more people test this system and give feedback. I did not want to write feedback yet directly because I just started testing, and I am reflecting upon my own behavior and what attracts me. I am not the Typical WoW player, but I was attracted to Classic because of the PvP. And It is as Fun today as it was back in Vanilla at least until something more fun is released. And that is a fact which I can simply not ignore as far as my own preferences are concerned. I have to be honest with my feedback, and let the rest be decided by the powers that be for better or for worse. I just hope that all answers here are just as honest and not biased, regardless everyone here is entitled to their preference of course and I can;t but respect that. Cheers!
  8. That is fine no one is forcing anyone. This is just a discussion to entertain ideas in an open minded way.
  9. Well, I think we share the feeling of what the Game in its entirety really means. Maybe I am being misunderstood as well. I would be the first to say that WoW maybe the best Themepark Game out there, but Themepark MMO's are shallow by nature. I will be the first to say (and have been saying so), that WoW's gameplay is nothing more than a Solo Experience (You can actually play it without ever talking to anyone) filled with Repetition without any other scope and goal than an endless progression on rails. But again, I think we can give merit where merit is due in a fair and rational way without emotional bias. It does have features and Mechanics that are worth taking note of. And in my opinion, its Combat System is one. Can you imagine a Sandbox Game with all the elements many Sandbox players seek, Emergemnt Gameplay and Open Ended Gameplay, through strong Emphasis on mechanics permitting for Social Interactions between players and all the features Sandbox players want, Player based Economy, Robust Engaging Harvesting and Crafting Systems, Diverse and Flexible Housing System and a Justice System all in conjunction to a Fun Combat System such as Wow's? Can you Imagine WoW Classic (Vanilla) Classes Abilities and Specs in a good Sandbox game instead, heck if you do not want classes it can even be fully Skill based, make your own Class mix and match skills and specs !! All within a beautiful expansive World containing and providing the playground for the players to fashion as they see fit according to their own goals and imagination, establish in-game societies or communities and build their social hubs without a preset path for them to follow. If you can really visualize this hypothetical game you would be drooling by now Don't enclose yourself and your view in categorical (or dogmatic) positions and stance.
  10. I am not biased versus a specific mechanic. And it is not the TAB targeting per se, it is the fluidity of combat, the intuitive aspect of it..WoW's Tab targeting is fun, because it fits in with the classes, the skills the specs, their interaction with the environment and the combat interaction between players (PvP), in an intuitive, fluid, way. The package makes it very fun, and that is the most important aspect here. So if the experience is Fun, who cares if it is tab targeting or using your brain impulses to target. It is ok to Innovate but, using an existing way of doing things in a new package which results in a Fun experience is also innovation. Crowfalls Combat system reminds me of Tabula Rasa's Combat system, also Age of Conan Combat system, and is it possible (memory fails me) Guild Wars 2 combat system? But in a more clanky way not as refined. I understand it is only pre-Alpha so I make no definite judgement or conclusions, but it is not more fun than WoW at this point and it is what I am saying partly. Also...do you notice a trend here? People are not running in Droves to play any of these other games...they are going to play a Tab Based Combat System game... with a Monthly Subscription nonetheless. WoW is not F2P...
  11. I disagree. And I will ask you a question. Did you stop being a Good community player yourself? I have not, I play the same way that I played in UO and SWG and all others. BUT, there has not been a game like these to give me the same opportunity to play according to my style since. So from my perspective, it is about the game. People have not change in 7000 years since the advent of the First Civilization and the adoption of a new way of life. What we consider valuable and important today in our lives is the same as an Ancient Egyptian Citizen an Ancient Greek Citizen Mesopotamian Chinese, Hindu or Native American etc etc. When I played Darkfall, I tried to do the same as in UO but the game was simply not designed for that and the Game wanted me to play according to its Devs Vision of how the Game should be played. And it did not work. So, I am sorry but I got to play some WoW yesterday night and it is no different than the first time that I did. It is the Same game as Vanilla and people behave the same way in accordance to what opportunities the game offers. I am very sure that they will end up again spending hours on end Raiding for Gear and DKP and all that, which I dislike personally, all that I like is the Combat System and the PvP and without Bias. I am a community Builder, and I am not talking about Forum "communities: here, I am talking In-Game Communities of Characters and their Players..but if the Game is not designed for that, there is not much that I can do other than looking for the one that does. I played UO for 5 years since 1996, along with my friends I did create an In game community of Multiple Guilds and Hundreds of people on the server we were all playing and also became active members Organizers and Supporters of the wider In game Community of players. The only other game that permitted (meaning, was designer for) for such a level of play was SWG since...and we would still be playing it if it were not for NGE. All the others want us, in various degrees, go through their own hoops and loops of their "Gameplay", none made a world for the players to establish own goals and gameplay. Some other attempt to do so in various ways, such as EVE Online, Shadowbane or more recently Archeage and Albion Online, but in my opinion and view they all fail because they try to direct players towards a specific close ended Goal of competition for Domination. But then what? What happens when the Super Zerg Guild or Alliance succeeds in Dominating... Game Over. On the other hand, n UO, and SWG there was no such close ended Goal, these were Open ended Games, the player's imagination was the limit and as such there was no end to the Game...because Humans are social creatures by nature and when left to our own devices we will seek to maintain a healthy level of social interaction which can go on and on....it is why Individuals and Guilds played these games for Years, and were having fun for years and were happy. WoW is also Close ended but in a different way, it is done within the Themepark context, which translates to Player Progression...at one point you get all the gear and there is no more content to consume...and the question of where to go with Classic...is already being debated. As far as I am concerned though, I am here to have Fun with an aspect of WoW which did give me fun and still does, until something better gets completed and released... Crowfall, Dual Universe, Camelot Unchained, and maybe even Star Citizen, are the Games I am really waiting for them to be finished and released, and to choose from and see which one I can say "this is it" and play for 5 years at least thereafter. I am simply fed up to go in game after game to play for a month and quit it after realizing that it is just another progression repetitious grind on rails without any true opportunity to establish a community and build something fun and enjoyable. I have not been playing any MMO in the last 3 years now the last one I tried and quickly abandoned was Albion Online... Unfortunately none of us have the skill to make the game we want, albeit the thought has crossed our minds many times, at least no the coding etc. Some of us could do Design, and I consider myself somewhat of a amateur designer, but still that is not enough so I am trying to share my thoughts theory-crafting instead for years now in various games forums, MMORPG.com etc etc. And wait for someone to decide to make a game that we can enjoy. Lets not forget the Cardinal Rule of Game making, "players come to play a game to have fun" WoW Classic is a refresher and I play Casually more so like a MOBA for its PvP. along with friends, and until the game we wait for gets made, because at this time, it is what is available which gives fun. Cheers!
  12. UO = Ultima Online As for Aria, I think they missed their goal big time with the way they designed the world. It is similar to UO only in systems, crafting systems skills etc... But the Core of the game is not UO, and I think its Devs made the mistake that all newbie Designers make. They tried to create a world to funnel the players here and there according to their own vision, instead of making a world where the players decide where to go and what to do according to their imagination. They made a world that can be counted and "Won", by some part of the player base, which in turn Dominates the other part of the Player base and causes the Demise of the game and in so doing their own too. Darkfall made the same mistake, Archeage made the same mistake, Albion made the same mistake... Conan...EVE...and how many others really? It is amazing for me to sit back and watch Game after Game being announced Hyped Tested and released, repeating the same mistakes as many otehr before it...and make me wonder if these Designers really live on the same planet... Anyways, we are kinda diverging now.
  13. Yup, today it launched, and more than 500k players rushed. There is currently queues of 11000 and 20000 people waiting to play with wait times being from 150m to 360m respectively. You maybe asking "and how do you know, what are you doing playing WoW as a potential Crowfall player, isn't WoW Themepark kind of why you are looking forward to Crowfall, something different etc?" The answer is simple though, despite the fact that I am a Sandbox type player, despite the fact that I loved playing UO and SWG the most in all these years, WoW Vanilla (now CLassic) held a special spot in all of this. Mainly for a handful of its features or mechanics etc. 1st - The Combat System and 2nd - the Performance, Ambiance, Lore and Simplicity how it all flowed together smoothly. I simply had so much Fun PvPing in WoW, I did not care about raids I did not care about mind-numbing repetitious gameplay of quest after quest with NPCs and I did not care about its rudimentary crafting system either, the bulk of WoW gameplay did not really appeal to me. But I loved its PvP. I spent countless hours in Open World and Battleground PvP in that game, made it to grand Marshal in Vanilla just out of doing what I was having fun to do. It is the memory of all those hours of Fun PvPing which got me back with the launch of its Classic Version, the prospect of re-living those glorious moments, one of which had been a 19 hours long Alterac Valley which I will never forget. My Class in WoW was Hunter (Like Ranger here), and my Spec was a Hybrid mainly survival, emphasizing ranged critical strikes, traps, armor and some melee, because I am a medium range to close range combatant, the bane of rogues, healers, mages and warlocks, a match for shamans and other hunters and even going toe to toe with warriors and paladins close range in the thick of the engagement, with well timed hit and run tactics, jumping in laying traps and a couple of melee strikes jumping out to rain arrows on the lot or snipe with impunity. I had developed my own War Dance, "the Dance of the Hunter" according to my own style of play. And it got me thinking, and prompted me to share these thoughts here, (since I cannot be there due to the high queues), and reflect as to the sheer number of people which were once more attracted by it in one fell swoop. This is maybe something to take note of, while I understand not all players went back to Classic for the same reason, the PvPers went back for the fun of its Combat system, and the prospect of fighting it out, with great performance and balance, tactical move and counter move, trying to outsmart each other in the midst of the battle. I think there is food for thought here which could be exciting down the line. Just imagine, awesome crafting with Housing AND a fun Combat system bundled together in the for of the Campaigns, glorious Sieges, Factional Warfare Guild vs Guild of FFA PvP! Cheers (down to 7000 in the queue)
  14. Greetings all, I finally decided to back Crowfall, and play test it first hand. Kinda Old School player, started with Ultima Online in 97, and been playing since many others, from Shadowbane to WoW, Jumpgate to EVE, Darkfall to Albion but my all time Favorites are Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. Crowfall has been on the on the watch list since it first got announced, along with Camelot Unchained and Dual Universe. (By the way is there no way to change the username or put some capitalization seems like older accounts are all low caps, not a biggie but would be nice if possible) Cheers!
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