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  1. Hello, came back from a hiatus to try this version. First of all, It feels better overall. A better pace, the quests are good to get the player started and to 30. There is still much much polish needed in terms of graphics and animations etc. NPC's sliding on the ground and generally being invisible until they attack, no clear animations on charges and abilities, it is all a mashed stew. Graphically the game feels antiquated, like 10-15 years old, like, a beta of Warhammer and Vanguard...so I will not say anything more about it expecting future improvement on that regard of course since
  2. I personally think that this Class needs to be redesigned completely. It is no fun to play at all. I Started one on Saturday and all the way to lvl 20 it really did not even have a heal ability yet really and only two offensive abilities. The essence mechanic was draining so fast and then you do what? Start sacrificing your health to get some essence so you can continue playing? Ok tried it. By 20 I chose to go Archdruid..What a smorgasbord that decision was! The Play between Life and death Tray is abysmal! no fun at all and you wonder why it has to be like that? Not only it makes no
  3. I am not itching to play at this point, and here is some of the whys...in 3 key areas (do not want to make a long post). Crafting: I did enjoy Gathering but I dislike the way the Resources pop out in the world the you have to run around gather them and the worse is that they disappear after some time. That is completely ludicrous. It got old really fast, but before that the actual exploring to find nodes the variety of nodes and materials is nice. The durability of starting items being so low is annoying too, I like that we can just gather wood and make new gathering tools on the go, but t
  4. Hello All so this is my first impression feedback on some things t hat stuck out for me. Context: I backed the game some weeks ago, and only played a couple of days...lost interest after 2-3 days. 1 - Overall graphics music and feel. It is good I like it. I am not sure how these graphics will handle hundreds of people fighting out as it looks quite high poly to me but I am assuming it is way too early and that there is really not much polish and performance optimizations in at this time this being alpha and all. Overall character graphics look good lanscapes feel nice too. I like the Etern
  5. I have been keeping my eye on this, as I am looking for a Good Sandbox Game and I am not picky on whether it is set in high Fantasy or Sci-Fi, who knows this could be the next SWG My only irk about it is the First Person approach, I do think for a proper MMORPG a 3rd person approach is best (SWG a good example). But in terms of Scope, Dynamic and Emergent Gameplay I think this one will be a big winner provided the right implementation and provided they avoid some common mistakes which end up making a game a niche within 3 months of release. Procedural systems and Player Crafting t
  6. I do not trust it..this looks like an Upgraded Lineage2, as exciting as the battles look it all depends again in the overall implementation of the game. If like lineage style...then it will be full of Gold sellers etc if designed in the same way. Also, for me ArcheAge and Albion sealed it. I do not play games where there is limited Conquest Point players compete to Conquer anymore. Because often the biggest zergs and the groups which RMT their way to the Top and Conquer those limited Castles, Palaces etc, also then have every interest to hold on and keep them. Which makes it
  7. Hmm.. watching some videos about it, this is is an Isometric game, very interesting. Mouse and Keyboard Interaction! The Combat System is Action Oriented but it is under Isometric Context. It does not have the effect and feel of a First Person Shooter. No TAB targeting, in this context it should work well and not be Cumbersome. The vision seems to be Open ended and the gameplay Emergent, for a Dynamic experience (as it changes according to player interaction). I like this. I particularly relate to the "no needs of Huge amounts of Resources to build a House part", it looks reasonable, an
  8. This sounds very interesting. The way it describes its features and systems makes any Sandbox Goer drool. However, I have concerns about two things, due to years of raising my "disappointment skill" XP, I must be capped in it by now. 1st - The Combat System sounds First person Shooterish, lots of twitch. How many MMORPGs failed because of combining RPG elements with First Parson Shooters? Darkfall comes to mind..and many others. Twitch is not for everyone.. Sandbox games with robust Crafting systems expecting to Foster social interaction (Trade commerce, City planning Building Artisan
  9. I am not sure that reducing the combat System to one small element of it such as the auto-attack is making justice to the system, because WoW combat is not slow, it is actually very quite fast paced (I am talking about PvP here) and competitive. I suggest this video which compares the "Tab Targeting System" to the Non Tab Targeting system between ESO and WoW. Crowfall has the ESO system now I could say. I found this video actually fair without bias and an honest Comparison of the two. Comparing ESO and WoW Combat system In the end,there is no "best" system per say, each of them will
  10. That is fine no one is forcing anyone. This is just a discussion to entertain ideas in an open minded way.
  11. Well, I think we share the feeling of what the Game in its entirety really means. Maybe I am being misunderstood as well. I would be the first to say that WoW maybe the best Themepark Game out there, but Themepark MMO's are shallow by nature. I will be the first to say (and have been saying so), that WoW's gameplay is nothing more than a Solo Experience (You can actually play it without ever talking to anyone) filled with Repetition without any other scope and goal than an endless progression on rails. But again, I think we can give merit where merit is due in a fair and rational way wit
  12. I am not biased versus a specific mechanic. And it is not the TAB targeting per se, it is the fluidity of combat, the intuitive aspect of it..WoW's Tab targeting is fun, because it fits in with the classes, the skills the specs, their interaction with the environment and the combat interaction between players (PvP), in an intuitive, fluid, way. The package makes it very fun, and that is the most important aspect here. So if the experience is Fun, who cares if it is tab targeting or using your brain impulses to target. It is ok to Innovate but, using an existing way of doing things
  13. I disagree. And I will ask you a question. Did you stop being a Good community player yourself? I have not, I play the same way that I played in UO and SWG and all others. BUT, there has not been a game like these to give me the same opportunity to play according to my style since. So from my perspective, it is about the game. People have not change in 7000 years since the advent of the First Civilization and the adoption of a new way of life. What we consider valuable and important today in our lives is the same as an Ancient Egyptian Citizen an Ancient Greek Citizen Mesopotami
  14. UO = Ultima Online As for Aria, I think they missed their goal big time with the way they designed the world. It is similar to UO only in systems, crafting systems skills etc... But the Core of the game is not UO, and I think its Devs made the mistake that all newbie Designers make. They tried to create a world to funnel the players here and there according to their own vision, instead of making a world where the players decide where to go and what to do according to their imagination. They made a world that can be counted and "Won", by some part of the player base, which in tu
  15. Yup, today it launched, and more than 500k players rushed. There is currently queues of 11000 and 20000 people waiting to play with wait times being from 150m to 360m respectively. You maybe asking "and how do you know, what are you doing playing WoW as a potential Crowfall player, isn't WoW Themepark kind of why you are looking forward to Crowfall, something different etc?" The answer is simple though, despite the fact that I am a Sandbox type player, despite the fact that I loved playing UO and SWG the most in all these years, WoW Vanilla (now CLassic) held a special spot in all of
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