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  1. I played on Sunrunner and a few others, but never with this user name. So if you recognize it that probably wasn’t me :(. But I was EnterTheWookie on the forums. :) As far as your other comment, I can think of a few things to add but do you care to share an example? I don’t want to misinterpret your point, especially since it’s a good one to add!
  2. Very true and good points! Its just been my experience in life (serving the the community support/medical/judicial field), that once negativity sets in and begins to spread, it has a massive and wide reaching effect on everyone, not just the few individuals directly involved. While things may indeed not change, there is also a chance things may. It’s the desire to do what we can with what we have to try to make the most of it. In reality, what harm will it do to continue to provide feedback on specific parts of the game that they are testing. I mean, we always can choose not to, but that is giving up. Even if it’s been a long time, it’s part of our job as testers. if people are burnt out and tired of the game and development, that’s okay. Like with any game, I’d suggest that those folks take a break. Because now we have a whole new group of people coming in fresh and ready to go, and being drowned in negative “never gonna work/this game fails/devs don’t listen” won’t have a positive effect no matter how you slice it. I mean it’s like raising kids (which I have 3 lol). Things may not always work right then, and you may get frustrated and want to give in to the bad and give up, but it’s a process and it takes time. Hell, SWG changed drastically throughout its life, as have many MMOs. So, don’t give up quite yet :). I’ll still always try to be a spot of positivity for people if they need it. Thanks for the great comment Ape!
  3. Thanks . I just spoke from my heart. Just don't want people to lose sight of the chance we have to influence things now.
  4. You won't be able to get the best materials and everything anyways. Its just a way for players to get a foothold and start.
  5. Mos Eisley A broken down dusty spaceport on a broken down dusty world. Past even God's Reach, you wonder how a planet so far from "civilization" could attract so many people. You raise your arm to cover the harsh rays of the sun as you walk towards the building the strange small creature in brown robes pointed you towards. "Mos Eisley Cantina..." you say through parched lips. As you make your way inside, you see numerous people dressed similarly to yourself. They have the look of being new, but you can tell that there is a lot of potential in these people. These...crows. At least the band is playing a catchy tune. As you make your way towards the bar, your foot nudges something on the floor. You look down to make sure you did not step on one of those brown-robed people. "Is...that an arm??" you say. But before you can examine further, a light comes on in the corner of the room. The band stops playing. All eyes turn towards a single man sitting on a stool. A grin on his face. You take a seat as he begins speaking. Hello! Welcome! My name is TalonKarrde, and it is a pleasure to be here with all of you! I wanted to take this time to talk about something that I feel is very important. A question, if you will, that many people have in the back of their minds as they begin their journey into Crowfall. What is BETA? Beta is something that is often used in Mathematics and physics to represent certain variables. You see, in physics, we have something called Beta Radiation, which is pretty much just unbound energetic electrons. Oh! A neutron walks into a bar and asks how much for a beer. The bartender looks up and says, "For you, sir, no charge"!. No charge! Get it? Because it's a neutron and..... Clears throat as he realizes the crowd is either half asleep or half dead. Are their Zombie Crows? Hmm, let's not find out. Let me...start again. BETA. What is it? BETA...is OUR time to make this game our own. Yes, it is also a step in the process commonly used for releasing Massive Multi-Online Roleplaying games such as this, but really...BETA is more than that. I know many people at this point are used to gaming service platforms such as Steam, which has a plethora of "Early Access" games and other "games in development," that people can play. Honestly, I feel that this has done a huge disservice for the gaming community. Most of the time, these games end up in "eternal early access" or suddenly get dropped by the developers. In reality, these games are developed with a specific end goal, and the community is simply along for the ride. We don't have much say at all in the end product outside of some bug improvements. Because of this, it creates the mindset that early access or pre-release style games are a chance to play for free and leave. Yes, there have always been some people who have felt that way, but it's much more prevalent now. However, THIS is a real BETA. What's the difference? Well, look at the team of people behind the game (https://crowfall.com/en-US/team). They have been involved in developing and producing tons of fantastic games and MMO's in the past. Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Shadowbane, The Sims, The Air Warrior Franchise... These are people who understand that great games require a good development stage. These folks harken back to the "real" ALPHA and BETA test stages because they helped make them. The difference between the new age "early access" and old school Alpha/Beta can be summed up in two words. "Community testing." BETA is a crucial stage in the development process. The developers feel that the game is stable enough to allow more people to play so they can test server load, more significant events/parts of the game (like larger scale PVP to see how the system handles, for example). But most importantly, they want to get feedback and ideas from us as to how it can be made better. See? I bolded that for importance. Folks, this is the real point of this post. To stress the importance of the bolded text above. This is an old school beta. The developers actually -listen- to us and make changes to the game.THIS is when we can shape the game the most. Every time you exit the game, you have the option of leaving feedback on the forums. Do This. This is how you can make a positive change in this game's future. This is how you can put forth YOUR ideas as to what Crowfall should be. The developers are knee-deep in coding and trying new ideas, so this is the perfect time to offer them. If you find bugs, post about them in the Current Beta Live test forum, but more importantly, leave your ideas and feedback in the feedback section. Even if you only played for a few minutes, leave your thoughts and ideas. It can be something simple like "man I would love it if we had <xyz>" to a novel, but our feedback is what makes or breaks this game. So, why am I saying all this? Well, I've seen some posts lately from people complaining that the game is terrible/dull/not to their liking for whatever reason. Yeah, the game won't be for everyone, but this? This is BETA. This is still a development. This is OUR time to make this game what WE want. It's okay if you don't like something about the game. Totally understandable. But, if you don't like something about it....make a change! Post in the feedback. Explain what you don't like or what they should change in a way that makes sense. I may be old, but constructive criticism is the best way to bring about change. Not just sounding like an angry, spoiled child who expected a completed free game when they entered ;). In the end, I just wanted to remind people that this is a game started by a group of folks who really love MMOs. They have given us amazing memories and fun times. Now they want to create a new MMO in a time where MMO's are...stale. So let us help them. TLDR; BETA is an important step in the development process where we the players can significantly impact how the game is moving forward. Every time you are done playing, try your best to leave feedback. It is the best way to make the game how YOU want it to be. You can leave feedback here. Make sure to make Bug reports as well. You can find that on the forums here. This game is being developed by people responsible for games that became the standard in different areas of gaming. They aren't steam indie developers, so lets help them with constructive feedback! While you can play this game for free right now, BETA is the opportunity to make the game what you want it to be. You can do this by leaving feedback, so please do Did I mention feedback? Have fun and remember we are all here to make this game the best it can be! What is BETA? It is our time to make this game what we want it to be. Thanks for reading. Also, let the Wookiee win. ~T. Karrde
  6. I figured since the forum is buzzing with tons of new members, we should do a sound off to see how many of our wonderful friends from the good ol days are here! I'll start. Hi! I played on a few different servers under the guise of Nikato (pink haired ponytail entertainer/warrior/crafter) but on the forums I was known as EnterTheWookie. I was pretty popular, especially since I spelled Wookiee wrong xD. Honestly my best memories are two fold. The community forums were a passion of mine. I remember the morning coffee threads we use to have and how much fun they were. We were all so...happy and free :). In game it would consist of raiding various rebel outposts on Tatooine with my AT-ST and Storm troopers. Wounding people so their stats would basically be zero even if rezzed...ah yes...good times. So, sound off! Tell us what you hope to find here as well! Welcome Home. ~T. Karrde
  7. Am I happy? Yes. I've finally found a game that has at least the promise of being something LIKE Star Wars Galaxies. The housing and merchant idea alone is something you wont find elsewhere and that makes me happy. That being said, the game is in Beta. If youve been following this game for any amount of time you should know that they have tested lots of ideas and listened to the players on what to try. Hell, the building system alone has been updated a ton. Obviously we are going to get more quests and things are going to get more fine tubed. Beta can last for a long time. Its during that time that WE the players and testers help guide the developers by commenting in the feedback section o things that are or arent working, as well as giving them ideas and helpful criticism. By read your post, you sound overly annoyed and frustrated, which is fine to be, but like others said you seem to be making a mountain out of a mole hill. Maybe, respectfully, put the game down for awhile. Go play other games. Get some ideas and bring them back to crowfall.
  8. Hello everyone. I go by many names, but lately i've chosen the name MyHeroPlusUltra, mostly because I feel that the source the name comes from really promotes the idea of doing the best you can, even if you may fail, and never giving up in what you believe in. I think thats powerful for whats going on in the world right now. That and helping each other. Anyways, ive played MMO's and games in generals since the 80s. I have very very VERY fond memories of Star Wars Galaxies. When I heard about Crowfall and read that it was taking elements from SWG, I got excited. I finally got a chance to try out the game a little bit ago and leave some feedback, and I have to say that I am impressed. The game is in beta, but it plays well. The developers seem to be very responsive and I can only see things getting better. I am not part of a guild, but I was thinking of making a guild for old SWG players. Not sure yet, as I would need to think of a guild name of something that people would recognize as being from that community (morning coffee? lol) but if you played, hit me up! I was EnterTheWookie :0). *Bows*
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