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  1. The rose tinted glasses condescending comments are entertaining, I know a lot of people feel the same way I do numbers don't lie.
  2. New World was out for 10 days was it, as a preview...
  3. Name another CURRENT MMO that has done stuff like the Crowfall team has done
  4. This kind of though seems outdated, the MMO competition now is crazy especially with New World and Ashes of Creation on the way. This wipe sounds like the lazy we don't really care cop out.
  5. To me the Q&A announcement that vessels and skills could be wiped is an insult to the player base, I invested my free time into gathering the items needed to craft and level my vessels. It took a lot time and to have no prewaning is an insult to the value of the customers time and effort. It seems to be a reoccuring trend one issue is fixed but three more are broken as a result, as a business that is damming to their repuation and trust which takes a long time to build and second to wreck.
  6. and the camera still jumps up and down makes me feel sick
  7. camera clipping under the map slayer whilst tunneling https://ibb.co/2MTt92K
  8. I get why they weren't rushing dregs but alleast fix the mess up with infected it's been what nearly 4 days since they broke it gaian with the second round of fixes...
  9. I was thinking the same there is no reason to even play at the moment
  10. It's not really beta, feels more like early access.
  11. This is so confusing surely it isn't up to the playerbase to test if you're new coding is compatible with current code...
  12. But the weekend is when most people have time to play...
  13. Why not remove this small patch and fix it first and wait like until it's ready, so at least infected is up? last time I looked there were 25 people in the leveling zones combined
  14. Anyone idea when infected or dregs will be online?
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