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Everything posted by beancurd206

  1. HAHAHA oh god mounts.. feeling gay as custard atm.
  2. Still alive, hoping peeps come back.
  3. bunch of salty kids, get em checkyo.
  4. Great guys right here, http://wehrmacht.us/
  5. Never understood how it changed from pound sign to hashtag. And i believe it goes #GetGood
  6. Jozza u still playing on the GOOF?
  7. North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes?
  8. Checkyotrack best Shadowbane player ever.
  9. Still looking for fresh recruits, everyone and anyone is welcome.
  10. Ur on krags list my niggah
  11. we are currently looking for anyone who wants to join a guild and wants to get good.
  12. bunch of great guys here, glad to see you again.
  13. it has been awhile, how have u been?
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