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Everything posted by beancurd206

  1. Playing Magicbane, but pop has died down a lot.
  2. Sadly it is true, but getting banned for real life pics? Bunch of real soft people imo, grow a pair.
  3. If peeps keep getting banned for stupid reasons might as well play SBEMU.
  4. Guild always complained thats all i remember them for.
  5. beancurd206

    RL pics

    mmm thats hawt.
  7. This fits GAYS motto perfect.
  8. beancurd206

    RL pics

    YAY! more pics more pics!
  9. YAY! less stormwald tho, that guy is a fustilarian.
  10. Pay to play or Get Good, if u cant afford a fee sucks to be u nerd.
  11. hahah that song was stuck in my head for the longest time.
  12. Would be nice to see these guys back and playing.
  13. None factors, look the other way people. <3 jozza.
  14. Would be fun to see these guys back.
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