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  1. let’s take an example of the castle current situation the big guild brought back 80 players the defenders have 30. current technique I break a wall I go in I kill everyone because the area spells are mixed by groups of 5 out of 80 players so even if the defenders all pose their spell of zone in the same place it has no deterrent effect because the damage will be mitigated on the 80 players who will cross without difficulty ... if the fate of player affected anyone who enters the zone it would oblige to open several passage for enter, or find another strategy than the: "have gone straight
  2. Hello, I would think that it is vital for the future of the games to unlock the number of targets that can be touched by the same spell. or the simple reason that by blocking the number of target hit the only important data that players will have left is the number. whatever the way you play, whatever your ability to be good or even excellent all this will be pointless if your opponent is more numerous than you because the mass will mean that many of your enemies will not be affected by your fate and therefore you will lose for sure! I would like Cr
  3. always agree with the proposals that bring more choice on our game ergonomics ^^
  4. always agree with the proposals that bring more choice on our game ergonomics ^^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- toujours d'accord avec les proposition qui amène plus de choix sur notre ergonomie de jeu ^^
  5. Hello, I fully share the comments of aedius. and I would add that the management of campaign slots worries me greatly. indeed I see emerging the possibility for the big guild to block entire maps just by blocking access to the other member of the community and thus allow to progress more quickly without any fight it is just useless and breaks the game. as much for the guild system it is complicated but for faction against faction i hope to see xvsxvsx limit where x is the same for all. We are here to play that one of the parties can prevent the fight just by entering an area in large numbers
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