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    Coaching / Mentoring in areas of customer support, enjoy meaningful open debates regarding how MMO companies address and deal with players in their games. I believe in not sugarcoating penalties including account closures when dealing with any cheaters, hackers, gold sellers, or those who believe racial slurs and use of hate speech is acceptable in any form of communications.
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    Austin, TX
  1. Well deserved and a great feeling knowing we are all a part of it
  2. A lot of it will be determined by how many many polygons their models can sustain in order to flow with as many other players in the same area. I would love to see much greater details as well and believe we will over time. It honestly will come down to balancing system resources with performance and getting those dialed in to the balance they are looking for.
  3. There are many good RNG systems that are proven to work just fine, and are actually very relevant and creates a more dynamic game play experience. Whether your playing RNG in table top games (with so many I could list starting with D&D) to solid complex formula that creates weighted values based on certain factors of skill, positioning, etc. You will always need that "chance" that an attack found a weak spot, or your spell penetrated the defenses better then you thought, or your melee attack hit your foe harder or even the opposite in which it was a glancing blow instead of a full hit! This has been used since the beginning of time and gives people and players a like a chance at the unknown. Frankly I do not see how it would be possible to remove RNG from any viable game, especially when your adding in things like combat and pvp. I would become bored to tears if I knew 100% how every strike, spell cast or ability would turn out if there was no RNG elements to move the outcome in various possible ways.
  4. Your talking a whole new level of "budget" requirements to do that properly. If they are able to add in some voice acting then great, however the budget difference between this game and SWTOR are worlds apart.
  5. Adding an internal voice chat system takes a lot of extra resources and also creates inherent issues that the developers will have no control over at all. Issues such as: What is being said, as in the age of internet trolls, you will always have players who simply want to create problems, and other players would have no way to block it out. Did I mention devs would have absolutely NO control over what would come from this? I do not see this feature being implemented in this game. There are so many great voice chats available out there, if you want to interact with local players then invite them to your voip channel or practice your "typing skills"
  6. Because ram is so much faster then a SSD still, I sometimes set up 10-12gb RAM drive (I have 16 gb, so why not!) My load times are still noticeable faster when playing Skyrim, any of the Elder Scroll games, Fallout, Dragon Age, and also made a noticeable improvement for online games by moving graphic and some data files. Just takes some time getting use to it but the benefits have been worthwhile for me when using it on the larger gig sized games. While it probably isn't really needed because of SSD's today, I am curious to see how it might work on the DDR 4 ram once I upgrade to that later in the year. For now, it's not needed as very few programs take full advantage of it.
  7. Krayt Tissues were the coveted rare resource everyone wanted for their weapon. I remember crafting many 1 of a kind weapons for players by virtue that the each one had different stats to it, so it affected the components when building all the parts, no way to make a schematic from it, unless you wanted to just waste that rare resources, haha!
  8. Woops! Sorry, yeah, I mis-read that on Kickstarter, here is the info posted from it: * The core module is estimated to be delivered by Winter 2016. First release (with partial functionality) will begin alpha testing in late Summer 2015. So those who did secure an earlier Alpha will most likely have a chance to help test it later this year.
  9. Sometimes having fewer abilities to choose from creates a more tactical decision on the players part. I actually enjoyed the combat system and PvP in Tera and Neverwinter, both had solid responsiveness and the weighted feel of each swing and hit. Not having a tab-target gave the battle more dynamic outcomes, as you needed to use more visual skills to line up your attacks or to actively dodge. Regarding the flow of combat, a lot of it comes down to how many animation frames are you animating for each combat movement and how does that flow and blend into the next one. There are some great animation tools out there that can really help blend and tighten the animations, but it also takes a very skilled eye and the animators need a solid feel for how each movement should look and "feel", even if that means they get up and move around like the character would in big exaggerated movements and play it back on video. It makes for great fun but also can really help dial in the "weightiness" of both character and weapons in use, if that makes sense. You can have this equally well in both tab-target system and an open target system that they plan to use.
  10. Seeing as this was pre-alpha footage and they are working with an external partner on some of the character models, I am sure things will change and tighten up over time. Alpha testing isn't even going to be around until late summer 2016, so we have some time Other things like the player armor looking like it was welded onto the character from everything acting like a universal rigid body will certainly change as well. I would also love to see the weight and feel of melee combat on par with the fidelity and responsiveness similar to Neverwinter Online and Terra. In those games the weapons felt weighted and I was appreciative of how smooth the combat animation and flow was, so I see no reason why we can't have something like that in Crowfall
  11. Will be very interested to see how the voxelfarm evolves over the time of project and curious to see how far Crowfall may be able to push the boundaries. Having solid server / network structure to handle all the calculations server side will be crucial so it will be a matter of iteration as they dial things in with long term testing. Crafting system is my other major area of interest and something I look forward to really testing. I have a "gut feeling" that they may have players helping them test the game during the Alpha stage. I would love a chance to volunteer some dedicated QA time during each phase of development.
  12. palad1n

    Buff Templar

    Found a powerful pic from another game that embodies what can be a powerful paladin.
  13. The way kickstarter works (as you will soon see tomorrow), is they will have set packages with set prices, ie: usually starting around $20-25, and then it goes up into specific "tiers" with a title next to and a list of things you will get from supporting the game at that tier. It's actually a really great experience and you may want to just look up kickstarter tonight, look through some of the projects they have and get a feel for how they go about setting up these tiers.
  14. As time progresses and you have that "bad arse" look to your character, I would love to have a way to buy a replica of my character(s) over time. I know they offer something like this in WoW and other games, so why not Crowfall? In all honesty I would love to see ArtCraft partner up with a solid reputable company and offer this (in time), to the community. How awesome to see a collection of your characters (in special poses) adorning your mantel or collection shelf / case
  15. Looking forward to sharing this journey with the Crowfall team Stay true to those core values and you will have a solid following of players. I truly believe if your able to merge the persistent world with one that ends, it could potentially shake up the MMO industry and help foster better development for future games. I have my alarm set for early morning as I want to be there when the Kickstarter campaign opens. In a way, by using Kickstarter your using the same methodology for Crowfall, by virtue that there is an "end point" to the campaign, yet it's for a "persistent" future of an evolving genre.
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