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  1. Hello! So! Been a few months since I suited up in this game. Probably since August of 2020. Could someone give me a low down on the cleric changes. Looks like we don't have the thrown hammer anymore but are melee? Thanks!
  2. I think i've had it for more than 4 years... Or maybe it's only been 4. Either way, ya the laptop is was good, but its still old lol.
  3. I have not seen any of this. I would say the game feels very smooth and i've been running at 40 - 70 FPS on my 6 year old Lenovo Y700.
  4. Well said. So with the wipes do the time locked skills also get wiped? Like when the game releases will they wipe everyone again?
  5. While I do understand what you're saying, the whole point of this game is PVP. Saying the only thing you have left to do is PVP is rather odd.
  6. As a new player trying to figure out where i'm going w/this map can be a bit of a challenge. I'd rather just have a flat map that's easy to use/read.
  7. You can put a discipline on the assassin and he can use bows! Arcane Archer Sharpshooter
  8. They just wiped everyone so I think now would be a great time to get back into the game!
  9. I have not yet tried to find a guild yet, waiting until I've figured out my build and such. I've never had an issue in other games locating people to play with. Have you tried to join a discord server and see if people need your class?
  10. I downloaded it yesterday and had no issues. It was actually fairly easy.
  11. This was another option I was looking at, but I picked hamster for the burrow.
  12. Just looking to see if there is a best race/class for Barding! Right now I'm thinking of rolling hamster/cleric/bard and focusing more on the bard side, but wondering if there is another class that would work better? Thanks!
  13. From what I've been reading that sounds about right. Thanks for the info! I think i'll still roll hamster cleric!
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