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  1. So far I am a huge fan of crowfall and everything that's been done to this point. That being said, I believe Voxels are pretty much the worst idea. On paper yes they are spectacular, but if there is one thing ALL voxel engines have proven w/o a shadow of a doubt so far is that they slow the game down with lag and load times endlessly. Landmark is the best example of this. I think you should rethink the whole voxel idea, and do a little more research. Maybe a voxel/static mesh hybrid. pleeease don't just follow the crowd down the voxel rabbit hole, the technology isn't quite there yet. - ON second thought, voxel engines generate a superficial static mesh atop the voxels being used to define the volume. I can definitely see the need here to procedurally generate random worlds. So a good compromise might be to use the voxel engine to generate that static mesh and export JUST that mesh as the world to be played upon. This may even present the advantage of being able to use very tiny voxels to define greater detail than you would in a real-time environment. Another thought would be to possibly take this one step further and hybrid the world. Making certain aspects remain voxels while the bulk of the environment being static. Like perhaps walls and buildings being voxels for a more interactive experience.
  2. So when me and my friend first invented almost exactly this crafting system over a year ago, we decided to make two overall categories of materials. The mundane, such as iron wood steel ect. And then "gem quality", mythrill, platinum, Imadethisupium. Ect. The distinction between the two sides would be the mundane bonuses would be grounded in the physical ie. Physical damage increase, speed of the weapon, crit chance. ect. As shown in your chart above. The gem quality is more susceptible to holding magical charges and to be enchanted. This is why a soldier would want a well balanced steel blade, and a priest or a a mage would be walking around with a useless ornate jewel encrusted cerimonial dagger that would fall apart if it was struck against something, but its crackling with magic power. That and magic items everyone uses like rings and necklaces and things that are handy. I love where you are going with this game thus far and I hope your keep this in mind P.S. you can have jewel quality wood too, like rare or specially prepared ones for staves and wands !.
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