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  1. Game is pretty fun, castle sieges just came out recently (40vs40). Also excellent to kill time on a phone. Most people play on Bluestacks/Nox though. Field PVP - works the same way as it did in lineage basically. I'm on Giran01. Castle Siege
  2. I can see a ring of jordan system happening if the economy isn't clearly established by ART. There has been a real fundamental lack of information about the fluidity of play between CWs and EKs as time progresses and where the exact center of the economy takes place.
  3. You aren't even in a griefer guild...what is the point of this. You are required to have standards. This is fake news. smh.
  4. I can't wait for an alliance swap mid-battle.
  5. Terrible idea considering a lot of the player base are looking forward two those two classes specifically.
  6. I was there to do God's work and slay eeliigaa!
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