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  1. Beat you by a few weeks and in a similar boat. Followed it for a long time, didn't realize (forgot) I had invested, friend mentioned beta and finally took the plunge [including upgrading account.] IMHO, take your time. There are A LOT of systems to learn and worth the effort to learn them intimately.
  2. Going necromancer to resurrect this post. I was quite disappointed my assassin can't rock a bow. What madness is this? Give us a range distance cap so rangers are the premier bow-folk, and yes melee should be our primary, but it is madness for an assassin not to have a ranged weapon option as well. Does no one remember Leon the professional? Only pros kill up close and even then still utilize the distance a ranged weapon can provide when appropriate. "The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use, because it lets you keep your distance from the client. The closer you get to bei
  3. Don't remember the name, but on Sunrunner I ran The Smuggler's Den (part of Sin guild) featuring the Friday Night Brawls - dancing twi'leks, trandoshans pulling out vibroblades, shady smugglers... zany good times. Oh, and in terms of persistence I meant progress being wiped, don't get too attached. That sorta thing.
  4. That is a very naive and cynical point of view. There are a myriad of business and logistical reasons why this can be a sound approach for a developer to take, especially a small studio. Testing "many alphas" as a consumer in the past doesn't provide de facto evaluation experience; it doesn't acknowledge the nature and size of alphas in question, the financial backing and support those projects may have had, and changing market and technology factors that requires reconsidering old ways and methodologies to evolve with changing times. I've had the remarkable opportunities to QA as
  5. By the gods... @TalonKarrde? I just noticed your forum avatar. Were you a Sunrunner server denizen during the SWG days?
  6. Your Kickstarter badge is fancy. I wish I knew of this back then. I would have backed it. Hearing Galaxies vets are on this makes me giggity. P.S. I liked SWG's NPE revamp & the JTL expansion. Sunrunner forever!
  7. So you are going to update to address persistence? 😜
  8. I may be getting old... Are zips not cool anymore?
  9. Not to debate nor beat a dead horse, but luck of the draw has always been a factor in closed beta tests since the dawn of MMOs*, even for games that emphasize social aspects.
  10. Not unusual. Several large games in development have taken this approach.
  11. This is a great post, but you don't touch on the matter of persistence as it applies to a BETA... May hap you should address that as well? Just a suggestion.
  12. Oh don't mind me, I was sincerely asking. I have nothing of value to contribute and what you wrote makes sense to me. I was primarily here because of the proper use of the word shenanigans. /<
  13. The 32k for a Guild Hall is meant to be a group effort, no? Not a one person fetch task.
  14. Having finished another contract, Daigoji decided to visit a tavern. A detour to be sure from sanctuary in his hobbled together hut, but work produces thirst and the sort of dirty deeds Daigoji often finds himself mixed up in produces a healthy thirst. He was an unassuming Half-Elf, darker and scarred up more than most, with the shiniest of bald heads. His patchwork leather garb was not prestigious nor gaudy, causing many to think him a normal outdoors man, something common in these parts. Positioning himself to lean against the bar with his back to the bartender he asks for a drink
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