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  1. For me, I've stopped testing as much because I found myself simply getting burned out on combat for the last several months of testing. I still come out and test every now and then, so I'm not completely gone, but I think for a lot of us who've been around since graybox hungerdome days probably feel the same way. I think when combat gets to an agreeable state to most people and ACE moves on Campaigns and Eks, that's when a lot of the old testers will be around more. I can only speak for myself, but I always felt the testing schedule was too saturated with not too many changes often. It will be better to reduce the schedule, but make substantial changes each period.
  2. This is really not a movement issue, it's a camera issue. I'll be okay if the camera was refined to locked in combat only and auto-facing characters like you said. I just don't want a locked camera all the time. This is a game of large-scale combat, a free camera may be beneficial when not in combat.
  3. https://crowfall.com/#/faq/general That's the official stance on it for now, and they really haven't talked about changing it.
  4. You pay a percentage of the item you want to layaway or more as a deposit. Once done, you have 18 months to pay it off. You will not get the rewards for that pledge until that pledge is paid of, but you will retain the rewards for the previous one. So if you are upgrading from Gold to Sapphire by layway, you will not be an Alpha 1 tester until you pay off the Sapphire
  5. There will be people and guilds who will care about both is my point, even if the EK doesn't have any affect on the campaigns, and may seem meaningless to a lot. The incentive for CW-only type players to continue playing is handled by the tournament system, and why I feel EKs shouldn't need anymore than what they got.
  6. Wildstar housing didn't really bring people together because it was single player instance housing. This isn't the case with the EK, and I feel too many people think of the EK this way. The Eternal Kingdoms are player created worlds with the purpose of making communities. You can certainly treat your personal EK like single instance housing, and I think many players will, because they won't be interested in world building for the larger community, but that's definitely not what they are limited too! I may be alone in this opinion, but I just don't see this as a big problem as a lot of people are making it out to be. Most people who weren't interested in any PvP, probably weren't looking at crowfall anyways. Those who did want to play EK only and weren't interested in pvp are probably very few now or left once they realized the EK is very campaign dependent to get anything done. And because of that, most large EKs will likely be ran by guilds who have been in and out of campaigns than be single players who haven't done any. Like Ori mentioned, the EKs exist for community building and permanence. There is nothing else to do in the Eteneral Kingdoms, so I'm not seeing where people are concerned about people staying in them. If anything, I very much see most people only going to the EKs to shop then back to the campaigns.
  7. Don't really see this as a problem. This is not like the classic PVP/PVE design problem where designers have to balance out mechanics for two drastically different types of gameplay I feel. Instead, with friendly fire, it being off balances out any design issues with it being on. So the focus should only be on balancing mechanics around friendly fire being on imo. So for example, there's been a lot of talk about using CC on each other to get resolve prior to a battle. This is not a problem at all with friendly fire turned off. So the focus should really should be limiting how it's applied in a friendly fire situation.
  8. I'm with Jihan, so far we've only see a bit of combat. There's questions out there on crafting, campaigns mechanics. itemization, etc. So far now, I have no judgement because not much has been shown outside of combat and combat is typically not a deal breaker for me, but these other systems very much could be if not put together well.
  9. Yep! This a totally valid way to play. So is being interested in both however. You may see these resources as pointless, but someone like myself who also plans to play dregs a lot may think differently as I'm interested in the EK too. CF may be pvp-focused, but let's not ignore the fact that CF is not just appealing to people who care about the campaigns only. So with all that said, I'm totally fine if the EKs do no matter to everyone. They really don't need to and shouldn't matter to everyone. But, they should "matter" to the people who care about them.
  10. When ACE said this, they meant that any content like assets that were available in the CW could be available in the EK world. The EK/CW always had the same world building system. I think the procedural generation of the CW comes from the fact that no one owns the campaign world and the parcels have the be placed somehow.
  11. I think what's interesting about this data, especially as we get into testing, bronze and above make up a very small minority of the population. The lower tier pledges means a lot more people are interested, but they are still on the fence or aren't interested in testing. What this means in number is that 28% (5880) of the backer population will be providing feedback in the alpha testing compared to the 72%(15108) that only have beta access.
  12. The game is in a pre-alpha state, but pre-alpha testing hasn't started. That won't officially happen until the combat test. This also why I have a hard time seeing any Alpha build testing soon after the combat test since they will likely iterate on that.
  13. Pre-Alpha is where is the game is now and where the game will be when we enter the combat test. I think Alpha 1 won't be until later this year. There's probably another milestone after the combat milestone before they officially enter Alpha 1. If I were to guess, I could see campaigns being the next milestone.
  14. The armor looks really great in-game. Really nice modeling work.
  15. You will likely still have to pay the difference though. From what I remember, you will be able to trade them in for full store credits, and whatever is left over is what you pay. From FAQ
  16. Until the layaway is complete, you will have still have access to the last testing stage that you were entitled to. So going from gold to sapphire, you won't move into Alpha 1 until you pay it off, but you'll still be able to go into Alpha 2.
  17. I'm okay with the prices being what they are for the higher strongholds. Ellie is right, I do not want these really affordable when these are suppose to be expensive projects to undertake in-game. You don't want a situation where they are relatively affordable and most people have it it because of the cashshop. That really devalues them. As far as if AC should've gave us some ballpark numbers. Maybe, but they have generally priced in-game items based on how hard they are to get in game or scarcity. So this isn't really out of the ordinary either.
  18. My only thought on this is that is certainly possible that since CF is actually using physical projectiles with physics properties, rather than VFX projectiles that you see in most games, mass and speed are likely playing a large role on the ability to hit moving targets
  19. I'm not a solo player, but I also don't want CF to be so group based that people will start favoring certain archetypes in a group situation more so than others. This is a problem I got with MOBAs. For me standard group compositions, get really boring and not very creative. I much rather groups be made on what's needed and not what's the flavor of the week group comp. This may or may not be a valid concern, but it's a thought I had.
  20. I think this applies specifically to the service in general, not what happens in game. Like logging on to the server, fourm communications, etc. I believe those things were okay in the other thread for in-game RoC
  21. See first question in FAQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TErDtyeQIDI&feature=youtu.be See question at 6:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TZZnyB-ydU&feature=youtu.be I should also add that EKs aren't meant to be single-player housing, that's simply not within the vision, they are instead building blocks to make a larger community for trading, social hubs, and semblance of a persistent world.. You can certainty treat your personal EK that way, but you have to be realistic on what you can and can not afford like Jihan mentioned. The system will greatly favor people who enter campaigns to gather resources and collaborate together to build out EKs. So when it comes to being able to afford your EK in crowfall, you either have to live within your means or be apart of a much larger kingdom to keep cost low.
  22. They are definitely not a game breaker, that's how they are intended to work.The essential idea behind the tax free system is that you don't build your EK with nothing but strongholds and buildings. You will need the tax-free ones to lower the cost.
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