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  1. Love the collectors edition! Will there be the option to upgrade our existing pledge to collectors edition?
  2. Yes, if they keep it far out like it is; an indication of where the other players are looking is super helpful.
  3. While I agree there is a bit more skill involved this way for a single person; watching the footage and the way the camera moves makes this game feel a little dated. I wouldn't be against locking the camera similar to Smite because it opens up more situations where you don't see someone coming. And rely on communication a little more(which increases team skill). Everything the player can interact with is a big deal and is totally worth discussion. I personally don't like the camera the way it is.
  4. This is great guys! Congrats on what you've accomplished so far. I really like the way you handled life bars. But what about the guild banner? Shouldn't that be visible at all times? Or at least if they are not part of your guild/sub-guild?
  5. These videos are great! Keep it up, great communication!
  6. I really like the hunger dome idea. Looking forward to seeing some footage from the pre-alpha guys!
  7. I really loved the music in Shadowbane. It reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics a lot also. Both are in my top 5 favorite games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Xmf0uE5bdc&list=PLAC6uYbOjTl_oq9BEt8qy1FSN9iUzNHwd&index=4 It may just be nostalgia, I'd like to know from people that didn't play Shadowbane if the music still holds up.
  8. Alpha means all core features of the game are in, in some shape or form. Typically when Beta starts all those features have been ironed out and after that is just polishing. By the looks of things, they are very pre-alpha. Edit: Wikipedia tells no lies! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_development
  9. I like this a lot. And with the non-persistent worlds it would work perfect.
  10. I like what you've guys made already, though I would like the Shadowbane reference PLAY2CRUSH. At least as a limited edition.
  11. I'm really hoping they get to 2mil.
  12. I play support in most games, so I'm really hoping for a support role. They already said there wont be a true healing archetype so I'm hoping for a buffer/debuffer/dps type.
  13. You can do anything in you want in C++. But yeah, it's not built in like it is in Unity. And I believe the person who made the voxel system in Unity is working on Crowfall.
  14. Yes but comparing those to the MMOs that came out 7+ years ago on the other engines... Aion, DC Universe Online, Lineage II, or newer ones, ArcheAge, Star Citizen. Either way, I have no doubt if any of those studios choose Unity that the game would be pretty much the same. Maybe slightly less pretty.
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