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  1. Nice guide @galvia , super helpful for a new person like me. Thanks for doing these!
  2. Yeah, what @BarriaKarl said. You need to turn off vsync if you want to go over 60fps. I personally prefer it on just so my computer is screaming at me trying to get 130fps...
  3. I suppose it's relative, I'm used to seeing 400+ devs working on the big mmos if you include all of the outsourcers. I'm not sure how much outsourcing they are doing on CF vs inhouse.
  4. Optimization is always one of the last things to do in game development. Normally studios spend the last 2-3 months of development just focused on optimizing. Things are always changing while iterating, no need to optimize assets that will/may change in the future. Don't nail it to the wall while you're still measuring. That being said, I'm sure they have been optimizing as they worked, when it makes sense. Just not to a degree that would make the game run amazing. Plus they have a very small team for what they're making.
  5. Hi Redsett


    Are you still looking for a guild ? Sorry was out camping for a few days. We are kinda in a low ebb, logging into dregs here or there for fights but mainly waiting for 6.2 on test. What guilds have you been in before ? Are you comfortable maining a stornborn class for our pvp spec groups ?

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    2. Barab


      join or dc and post in guest, someone will flag you,,,,we do ask for one stoneborn class based on how e build out our siege pvp groups but otherwise open to playing anything outside an elf whenever. 

    3. redsett


      Sweet, thanks. I joined the dc channel, but I only have access to #general. Not #guests.


      My discord user name is also Redsett.

    4. redsett


      Nvm, I just can't view the message history, :)

  6. Runes are pretty similar to this. You can't replace those.
  7. That's fair. I suppose I just don't mind the extra layer that's also built into the same crafting systems as the others. Rather than removing it, how about if it was equip-able like other gear? Technically it already is equip-able, you just can't replace it down the line. Of coarse there would be restrictions like no changing races.
  8. Part of that loop is building characters and experimenting with builds. This only adds to that. That's why it only takes about 6 hours to get to max level. I'd bet money that they speed the leveling process up even more down the line.
  9. I don't actually disagree with the points you're making, but it's also the design of CF. They want you to rely on multiple people to get what you want, it's not a solo friendly game at all. You could make similar arguments to all crafting in the game. It's not made to please everyone, there are plenty of ups and downs to their crafting systems. I completely agree that information about these systems need improved greatly. But the devs know that.
  10. Love the collectors edition! Will there be the option to upgrade our existing pledge to collectors edition?
  11. Yes, if they keep it far out like it is; an indication of where the other players are looking is super helpful.
  12. While I agree there is a bit more skill involved this way for a single person; watching the footage and the way the camera moves makes this game feel a little dated. I wouldn't be against locking the camera similar to Smite because it opens up more situations where you don't see someone coming. And rely on communication a little more(which increases team skill). Everything the player can interact with is a big deal and is totally worth discussion. I personally don't like the camera the way it is.
  13. This is great guys! Congrats on what you've accomplished so far. I really like the way you handled life bars. But what about the guild banner? Shouldn't that be visible at all times? Or at least if they are not part of your guild/sub-guild?
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