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  1. While i intend to have VIP on all my accounts (if i choose more then 1) The per pip queue is really really dumb. It should be 1 full skill (5 pips) for non vip and 2 full skills (10 pips) for VIP. Before eve had a skill queue it was a pain in the ass to have to time your logins for skill queue changes without a 3rd party application to help you. This is with you paying a subscription. This game compares it self to eve in the time skill based leveling but for real the 1 pip queue for non-vip is rough man. Bad manners imo.
  2. Confirmed....they stated that this is a new testing phase and thus invites will restart based on access level. I suspect Alpha 1 will make it in eventually but right now they need to keep the test small and slowly open it up. Where as the previous tests it was about getting as many numbers to insure matches could be done. This will be about slowly growing the player base to determine what they need to fix to help performance.
  3. I have a similar issue Reserve Guild Name Is named in my Sapphire package but is not the list of perks for my backer rewards.
  4. Are the tests for this Sunday and Monday for Siege or Hungerdome?
  5. Thank you. I have seen some other warhammer clans on here will be exciting to go against KOS (Kill on Sight) and the Goons again in the GvG realm.
  6. TRG was founded in the Planet Side one days and has been a multi game community ever sense. We are an adult (18+) gaming group that focuses on team work to achieve our objectives. TRG was very big in PS2 and Warhammer online and we are hoping to have a good core group for Crowfall. Sadly Warhammer suffered from much of the same issues of shadowbane and others. A stalemate map or a zerg who won the map during the other sides non peak times. We are hoping that Crowfall will be the answer to prayers for a sustainable playing experience. If you are looking for a well organized team of players then TRG is the place for you. Apply at TRGgaming.net and list me as your reference. P.S. The planet side 2 boys also want you to know we still play that game so if you need a good outfit on planet side you can apply as well. lol.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBkAFCiYytY
  8. Crowfall - Throne War PC MMO by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. #424
  9. You guys forget that these rewards can be accessed by anyone. Just visit a Public EK prior to joining your campaign and get the buff. I for one will have my EK set to public (might switch it go guild only at some point) at the beginning to draw people into its awesomeness.
  10. Almost all of this has been covered in Dev posts, from about a month ago. The sole reason they are doing crowd funding is so they don't have to sell to a publisher. The game isn't even finished and you want to know what they are going to do when it is????
  11. My guess is that Alpha 1 will be a lot of the EK testing, building, running around killing mobs, testing the training rates and stuff.
  12. This is the wow folk mentality showing in this thread. Boooohooo I want to be able to change my talent tree before every fight. And all armor needs to have all stats so I don't have to think. Like they said from the beginning their are risks and rewards for every decision we make in this game. Long before you even get to make those Promotion Class choices you should know which one you want to go into if you do any research at all. It's called a Wiki and you better believe this game will have one.
  13. Unique Armor Recipes Unique Weapon Recipes Will not happen. P2W and they already said they would not sell items. Skins for armor? maybe.
  14. Howdy folks, I was going to wait until beta to start recruiting but it occurred to me that some of the higher tier backers may be looking for a guild as well. We are TRG, the words in the name have changed but the initials have always stayed the same so now we just call ourselves TRG. We are an online gaming community that crosses many different games. Originally formed in the days of Planetside (1) TRG has been a main stay guild in EQ2, POTBS, Warhammer online and currently PS2. We love organized PVP, In Warhammer we would break off from the zerg and do anti zerg operations by hitting the back lines of the enemy and slowing them down/splitting them up long enough for our own forces to get into position to destroy the enemy. For Crowfall we are looking to establish a core group of 30-50 people and will be focused on "The shadow" band of worlds when they are released. We have forums to discuss the game and tactics along with TS for organization. If interested apply at www.trggaming.net Put Crowfall under the othergames section and list me as your reference. If you have any questions post here.
  15. As long as you do it before the end of kickstarter yes.
  16. While Trammel ruined UO for a lot of people in my guild I understood why it was done. The Fall of Trinsic Community Events were so awesome. I remember lining the walls with my guildmates and fighting giant zombies day and knight. Lag was high but the fun was great. Undead everywhere!
  17. The pve will be in the form of clearing out resource nodes and area's in order to find the resources needed for crafting. They already stated that the rare resources will be surrounded by hunger ridden creatures.
  18. Yes, while the algorithms will still need testing it's a lot easier to tweek those then to build and test entire worlds. This alone will save them time and more importantly money that allows them to spend it finishing the other rule sets!!!!
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