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  1. That shouldn't be a problem. My understanding is, that those House-bundles are Independent from other bundle, so they shouldn't interact with your ks-bundle at all.
  2. Some would call it high risk investment ^^ And the question was '... for money?', we gamble on a hopefully good game with Crowfall.
  3. I think we get some sort of chat command to roll a randomnumber and more isn' t needed. As you sad it should be player driven, therefore gambling should be player organized.
  4. Okay not sure if I get everything, this textwall is hard to read on a tablet. Maybe a bist more formating next time^^ I think what you need aren't more systems but a player who wants to be gamemaster for your scenario. He could control the EK, change PvP rules for parcels and ownership. So you would have to organices it but that shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Hast du es schon benutzt? Ansonsten grundsätzlich hat sich am Umfang wenig getan, die Festung wurde nur auf ein modularer System umgestellt und wird durch die entsprechenden Einzelteile ersetzt.
  6. Hello Brother of my Avatar^^
  7. Hiho Just want to mention: could you change the background or add a canvas at the text-section. I find the text hard to read directly on the background. I know web design can be really annoying but it is important for the first impression. I prefere to take a default design and flavor it the way I want to kickstart a side. So yeah good luck with your project
  8. Okay just want to add my opinion (Did anyone notice that when you substract 3.1416 from opinion you get an onion^^) So back to topic. The FLA fundraising is something I personally never would come up with. There are three simple reasons: I have more than enough assets to build up an EK. (In fact we want to build a community hub for the german community, see you on CFC) And I wouldn't expect anyone to support an idea which has so much uncertainty. No dependencies to other which originates from investments. But that doesn't mean I'm not okay with this. If Keaggan can find the support to do
  9. Hiho coolwaters did you buy anything from the shop? Or used a 2016 Amber Bundle? Both would trigger the shop limitation. Because the limitation to one bundle per account was in place since the event started (or shortly after it started, I tested it the next day) for amber and above. Now it should be gold and above.
  10. Oookkaaaayyy not to sure if you want to get hit by the smell of my dirty burning socks *giggle*
  11. First of all, I surely won't feel stupid nor will I jugde or laughe at anyone for investing into a game they like. And I think you meaned: ... later once the big and sucessfull guild have a palace ... The strongholds from the shop are as legit as the one build ingame and I'm not sure but I suspect after just a few month no single player or small guild will have a palace. And for everyone who wants to build the EK as a community hub or trade hub, a few month is way to long. So yeah whoever gets a palace: great, have fun with it^^ I will, too
  12. AAARRGGHHH ein OMEN!!! Gut das ich nicht daran glaube^^ Aber schön dich hier zu haben. Und ich schließe mich den anderen an eine Festung braucht man als einzelner Spieler eigentlich nicht, da wird wohl ein Haus reichen. Für Gilden ist es schön oder wenn man ein größeres Community EK planen sollte *hust*, aber davon abgesehen würde die Burg vermutlich nur in deinem EK rumstehen und für ewig rumgammeln ohne zu vergammeln^^
  13. Can't be too sure. I tried it Saturday Morning and it was there already. Maybe it wasn't there on Friday, so maybe there was a small timewindow where you could get more rubies. But I can't say anything about the time before Saturday Morning.
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