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  1. Guess we can call that a probable no then. Shame, flying combat really mixes things up.
  2. Why no answer in relation to flying combat yet? Seems a simple question, yes or no.
  3. When will we start to see what heraldry designs, and for kickstarter people expanded heraldry, that are available? How are you going to address reservation of Character and Guild names? By date signed up, level of sign up (gold, amber etc) or some other mechanism?
  4. Are we going to have flying combat in Crowfall similar to that in Shadowbane?
  5. Hey Padishah, it's been forever.
  6. I'd like to see some combo bonuses for certain characters working together, for example if a Confessor and Templar are grouped together there are some additional bonuses than if you have ARAC groups.
  7. Bravo Silk. How about a mercenary mechanic where guilds can post for random players to join them for a specific battle, say a siege , giving casual players a chance for gvg play they might not otherwise get and small guilds a chance to boost numbers for important battles and try out prospective members.
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