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  1. GW 1 was the same way. More like a lobby game than a traditional MMO in some aspects though.
  2. Best reasons for playing will likely differ, but for me it's open world PvP and a true player driven economy.
  3. The timing was rather unfortunate indeed Oh well, next time!
  4. Great job with the site! Very helpful and easy on the eyes, too. Maybe consider improving the site's search engine ranking though, when I first searched for Crowfall disciplines malekai was quite a ways down despite being the easily most useful source of information.
  5. This is pretty much my take on it as well. And of course the bug that makes Berzerk heal even more than you get damaged is over-powered as well and needs fixin'
  6. There are far better way to deal with zergs!
  7. Nope, it's the principle. It's horrible in BDO and it is horrible in TERA(a game I've played extensively in the PvP). They still have some redeeming qualities as far as combat go but root motion is really holding those games back.
  8. I've played my fair share of EVE and that is definitely a good bit of P2W right there.
  9. I prefer the term forumfalling, but yeah it is healthy and pretty much inevitable in games of this nature, just part of the game politics.
  10. Gender and character customization is coming, don't worry! :')
  11. Nice necro man, brutal... Never forget Darkfall>>>Shadowbane though!
  12. I disagree that there shouldn't be a power disparity between new players with basically no gear and players who have invested significant time and resources into gearing up and progressing their characters. That would make the whole RPG aspect pretty much void and character progression mostly meaningless, might as well play a MOBA. I would however like to see a very high skill ceiling that would let a very skilled player outplay a higher geared and more leveled character, this is very rare in MMORPGS though and it's definitely a tight rope to walk.
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