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  1. huh kind of like boobs then TIL.. or balls
  2. Butterflies taste with their hind feet.
  3. Alright it's unfortunate but understandable, appreciate the transparency, although I think you could have explained this last time. I think it's safe to say we were all under the wrong assumption here.
  4. Please just 1 campaign with siege windows for EU and NA, thought we were all in agreement about this after last time...
  5. Once again I have to press on the issue of performance, it's been taken up many times before by other people and myself but it simply can't be stressed enough how much of a problem it is. Seems to be getting progressively worse for each patch also, currently it's at the point where the game is more or less completely unplayable for me, bringing up the map means a 10 second freeze with about 20% chance of the game crashing outright. Last nights more large scale fights can be summed up by me having about 3 frames total over the course of 60 seconds and then a final frame where I am dead, laying
  6. NA only siege schedule is a slap in the face to all the Europeans backing and playing this game..
  7. Well if anything the last seven days are a perfect example of why the test server is needed, otherwise this would be happening with every patch and we'd never get any proper game time in.
  8. Weird spot where u get stuck in Gods Reach EU, Sun Temple XYZ: 2312, 1, 2481
  9. Also persistence, if you switch between characters etc.. Ideally even after quitting the game and starting it up again.
  10. Before anything else this seems like the obvious solution, no-brainer really to be honest. Easy to implement and potentially fixing all the problems with this particular issue.
  11. I'm not sure what you are doing exactly but the tutorial took 20 minutes for me and, from what I gather, the people in my guild had similar experiences going through the tutorial. Granted it's no news that the New Player Experience could certainly be improved upon but I have to seriously question what you have been upto.. Ape's question if you are trolling is understandable, honestly.
  12. I'm experiencing a bug sometimes that doesn't let me hit past the first basic attack, usually lasting for a handful of minutes and then going back to normal. Dunno if it counts as a bug but having some pretty severe server lag, I'll be fighting and no hits are registering and suddenly I go from 100->0 as the game catches up to me. Sun elf lore items not stacking despite being same kind and quality.
  13. I guess this game may not be for you.. But FYI you have not made it through the tutorial and have not experienced a single thing this game is about. O.o
  14. I wouldn't say obsessed really, it's just our thing I guess. Games for me is part being able to express the silly side of me that I can't show in my regular life, being all professional and stern all the time is so tiring.
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