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  1. huh kind of like boobs then TIL.. or balls
  2. Butterflies taste with their hind feet.
  3. Alright it's unfortunate but understandable, appreciate the transparency, although I think you could have explained this last time. I think it's safe to say we were all under the wrong assumption here.
  4. Please just 1 campaign with siege windows for EU and NA, thought we were all in agreement about this after last time...
  5. NA only siege schedule is a slap in the face to all the Europeans backing and playing this game..
  6. Well if anything the last seven days are a perfect example of why the test server is needed, otherwise this would be happening with every patch and we'd never get any proper game time in.
  7. Also persistence, if you switch between characters etc.. Ideally even after quitting the game and starting it up again.
  8. Before anything else this seems like the obvious solution, no-brainer really to be honest. Easy to implement and potentially fixing all the problems with this particular issue.
  9. I wouldn't say obsessed really, it's just our thing I guess. Games for me is part being able to express the silly side of me that I can't show in my regular life, being all professional and stern all the time is so tiring.
  10. You know it's very interesting that such an esteemed PvPer such as yourself has no kills, no deaths and no captures registered in any of the latest campaigns. I mean someone that has experienced so much of Crowfall PvP that he has literally grown bored with it should have a few kills at least right? Such a mystery.. whatever could be the meaning of this. I guess everyone just ran away from your awesome might, denying you any kind of logs, no wonder you got so bored.
  11. I can't help but thinking how much this reads as another crybaby that got wrecked in PvP, blames the game for his lack of skills and hurt feelings, now pouring out his negative emotions online. Also interesting how I've never seen you if you've done so much of what the game has to offer.
  12. Love the concept, hope you'll be successful at being a thorn in the side of whomever the top dog ends up being.
  13. Yes perhaps.. it does diminish rewarding personal excellence by a lot, allowing lesser players to potentially piggyback on better players, but maybe that's unavoidable.
  14. Whilst I'm in agreement with implementing this 100%, I think this would be a bit unfair to those that are more utility than pure damage or healing. Utility is a bit difficult to quantify and I have no good suggestion for making a place for players like that in a system like this. Ideas everyone? I don't see why they have to be exclusive of one another, both could be implemented down the line, although yes PvP ranks might not be the highest priority compared to some other changes.
  15. This about sums it up I guess. Some severe hyperbole earlier in the thread also, couple dozen hours of leveling? No, getting to 30 is a couple of hours.. Obviously the NPE can be vastly improved, but I can't see any form of abolishing leveling that would be better than what we currently have.
  16. Friendly fire pleaseeee ACE... That and removing the 5 target limit from AOE would do wonders against zergs. Heals should stay limited however. Friendly fire being the far more important and impactful feature against zergs obviously.
  17. Trust me there's plenty of people who give absolutely zero custards about graphics, if it helped performance I wouldn't mind everything as gray boxes.
  18. There's nothing stopping you from doing some runemaking, just need the discipline for it. Nobody can equip the advanced tools just yet tho
  19. GW 1 was the same way. More like a lobby game than a traditional MMO in some aspects though.
  20. Best reasons for playing will likely differ, but for me it's open world PvP and a true player driven economy.
  21. The timing was rather unfortunate indeed Oh well, next time!
  22. Great job with the site! Very helpful and easy on the eyes, too. Maybe consider improving the site's search engine ranking though, when I first searched for Crowfall disciplines malekai was quite a ways down despite being the easily most useful source of information.
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