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  1. Friar major discipline "Lesser Impoverished Blessing" and "Impoverished Blessing" STILL do not provide clerics mana regen when they are trigged. The two auras from the Transcendent Warrior major discipline aren't castable with the cleric talent tree buff "Holy Aura". This maybe be intended? But it should warn people that they aren't castable in conjunction with each other.
  2. I've also been having the same internal debate I've seen here. One of the other things I thought about as concerning re: the racial choices was Elken vs Nethari vs High Elf. Personally I like the Nethari for the PBAOE dot and fire damage increase, but I feel like their dodge cooldown is problematic, and will lead to people kiting you out of limited range. You also don't benefit on the dodge cool down points (minimum of 2) to get spitting distance. Elken seems like a viable choice, but with their lower int cap you would lose 100 AP if you contrast that with either a High Elf or Nethari
  3. Fortuitous Blessings Passive SelfFortuitous Blessings periodically grants the Seeker's Blessing for movement speed if you have not recently healed, Impoverished Blessing for restoring your Resource over time if you have healed and are low resource and Charitable Blessing for Support Power otherwise. I've tested this as extensively on my Cleric, both Lesser Impoverished Blessing, and Impoverished Blessing do not apply any mana (resource) regeneration when the buff is active. I've reported this in 2 prior patches. There is no shown resource regeneration when either buff is active and y
  4. Friar's Lesser Impoverished Blessing and Impoverished Blessing show as buffs, but neither return any mana or mana regeneration. (Does not work on Live or Test presently)
  5. Correct on all of the above, but it isn't currently providing any mana regen, in either its lesser form, or the regular. You get the buff but recover no mana presently. Just tested it on live, and on test.
  6. It has two forms I believe a lesser, and the normal Impoverished, the lesser seems to do nothing, perhaps I'm wrong. I see no changes on the character details that would indicate a faster mana regeneration with it running.
  7. @galvia I've been running Friar, but I've found that the resource regeneration on the spec (Lesser Impoverished Blessing) doesn't recover resource at all. Is it bugged? It seems if it worked it could be a possible counter point to Field Surgeon less the cleanse of course, But seems to have good heal output with Chain Heal.
  8. Friar Major Discipline: Lesser Impoverished Blessing applies no resource regeneration when buff is active Also seems that Impoverished Blessing does not either when it switches to that buff.
  9. Tried hitting motherloads today in 6.1 with a group of 5, and one with Foreman. We weren't even able to break the armor on the node. Can anyone else share if this is an intended change or if there is a bug maybe with Foreman?
  10. Assassin ability Double Swing says it jabs the target twice, it only hits once.
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