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  1. Is there a list somewhere that contains where minerals drop from? For instance, what does Dolomite drop from?
  2. Anyone selling gems? In particular I am seeking rubies!
  3. DAOC style realm ranks with points to spend on abilities would be AWESOME!
  4. I've seen Thorbil in chat before. Constantly pissing and moaning about how he hates the game and how bad it is. He has constant PMS.
  5. I was Alegan Quasar the armorsmith and Plad cons, the pistoleer.
  6. I was curious. It seems as of Friday the 28th, that loot boxes are not spawning on the infected or the east coast server. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it normal for the boxes to go 6 to 8 hours without spawning?
  7. What crafter class makes blacksmithing stations? As an addendum...can someone price one out for me and make me one? I'm on the Eastern US server. Thank you in advance!
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