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  1. That goes back to my question from my first post in this thread... Every single dev of this game has been in the EK dozens if not hundreds of times, and not one of them ever stopped and thought... "hey, this Pick Up/Move indicator and blue tint that can't be turned off might be a bad idea and just might annoy players who want to actually be in the structure they paid for!" 🤡 It makes me wonder where the heads are at with these devs... this is something so obviously bad and should be a relatively easy fix, yet here it is in the (so called) release of the game. Seems like J. Todd and the others are so focused on the macro of game mechanics that they are simply unable to see the micro elements like basic Quality of Life issues and fun game-play outside of the slideshow excuse for pvp in the dregs. Basically, something as silly as this existing in the EK, an area they should know would be important to a lot of their player-base should never have made it to "release." It is just too obvious a problem to be overlooked and excused.
  2. Yes, but Crowfall could have filled that niche while also including some more interesting/traditional game-play. As it is, Crowfall is a one-dimensional game, and that one dimension is not fun.
  3. New to Arbiter Cleric and I have a question for clarification... So I should put most my stat point into Spirit instead of Intelligence? I am confused because I thought Int was the primary stat and where we should dump points into? Thanks!
  4. So I can't enter and move around in my manor without the annoying blue tint and Move/Pick Up indicators? That... is... stupid. How many of the "devs" of this game looked at that and thought "yea, that's perfect"? Any word if they plan to do anything about it?
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