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  1. if you are in a massive guild, you do not need an alliance. if u have a big guild with many inactive players, do a spring cleaning and maybe make a new guild with all the active players from the alliance u used to be part of. i like the change of smaller alliances.
  2. this will ruin siege for smaller guilds who like to flank and pick off struggelers. alliance numbers should maybe be limited if these exploits are happening. instanced siege is not fun. i like the surprise of enemy showing up whenever during siege window.
  3. i would love seeing some sort of currency like skulks too. maybe skull vendors , shadow campaign token vendors and dreggs token vendors with mount skins,player skins and armour skins, weapon skins would make campaigns a lot more interesting.
  4. i think they should lock people into a faction once they joined shadow.
  5. yeah its tough for us smaller guilds. we love pvp and zergbusting, but we like rewards too. shadows rewards are a joke atm and need to be raised alot so smaller guilds get to get decent rewards too and dregs should be made a bit friendlier for smaller guilds. then again we can join an alliance.
  6. no the only thing is that u need a lot of minerals to get a proper necro going, but once u have it u can poop out vessels on mass. i like necro. i did make vessels since alpha and see no issues with it
  7. shadows needs wayyy better rewards. no one is going to play shadows if the rewards are this crappy. plus more motherlodes needed. faction vs faction can be super fun for smaller guilds who cant keep up in dregs, but 5k gold...?common is this a joke?
  8. if you like outnumbered fights, zerg busting, small and large scale fights, flawed assembly is your guild!
  9. this game needs a proper auction house or a spot to put their vendors up away from ek. we also need access to a guild bank not in ek. so guild members can deposit any time they need. the game just came out and i am pretty sure there will be many new things in future to improve economy
  10. we are a small guild and having a blast in pvp. we might not yet have the numbers to be competitive in dregs, but we are never bored
  11. yesss. For a small guild this will be lot more fun. this feels a bit like wvw from guild wars 2. i do think though there needs to be more opportunities for sea/oceanic guilds. so maybe have forts be vulnerable during those times too form time to time.
  12. after making several vessels on my necro and gettin 0 green discs, i do feel like i want to stay up and participate in this even XD unless u make an oceanics kill the devs event
  13. it does need rework but it has very good dmg if u spec properly. problem is no sustain. no self heal. it has lots of mobility though which i really like. if we had access to paragon it would make it already more viable. but it needs definitely some love and rework
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