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  1. People were asking what I was trying to say, and thats what i was trying to say. Games where picking and choosing how to play then changing. There are times I like Main tanking, but then would like to do DPS etc. I fully believe in the trinity, I like roles. I just dont want to have 100 alts to obtain those roles when i wish to use them. SWG was smart when you couldnt have more then one character per server. I just wish more companys would do that.
  2. One Word, Ultima Online. SKill cap + ability to build a character to your play style and change when you wanted. Swg has the same essence at its core. I played as a BH and would change my weapon skills on a whim to try something else.
  3. I was on Gorath until the NGE. Kirt Viza. Ran with Mercs
  4. You would think with the SWG background of some of the devs. That a class based system would be leaving newer MMO's. Instead they seem to be keeping with locking us into Alts to try different styles of combat. I am really sick about this, I loved SWG, I love having my specific crafter to make my goods etc. I also loved changing skillsets when i wanted and being more then the same thing as everyone else or selecting a new character to level up to be competitive in PvP as we all know an alpha (or close to it) class. Deeply saddened as this game sounds promising.
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