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  1. if u say G-d w/o using - u go to heck i'm p sure
  2. also that's like the silliest thing i've ever posted i think ...
  3. this will probably be controversial but i think sb's diversity of races (especially) and classes was a double edged sword - there being so many different possible race/class combos seemed to create a nightmare situation with balancing and making everything viable. a lot of times i think novelty won out at the expense of balance (ie mino stun immunity which lead to hg rage which were both coupled with heavy melee meta dominance, natural flight) i think this is also a consequence of people/designers being more willing to buff rather than nerf the obvious outliers. i don't think a wide range of options necessarily leads to balance issues, but i do think it confounds them and is something to keep in mind.
  4. i agree. i think sb graphics were just barely stylized enough to look good despite being 'bad'
  5. i mostly agree with this - having some sort of defined end condition or goal would have made for a more interesting game, but i would want it to play into the political meta game as well. i don't know how to do that but maybe a more formal alliance system would be a part of it. also sb would have been much more interesting if loreplay rules/charters had been the norm. natural flight was a garbage mechanic and i'd have even liked to see centaurs and minos have a normal base speed and give centaurs a second or better sprint or something
  6. what was the name of that dude on vengeance who made a giant forum post about how lkk killed his city on one of the og servers and he spent the next 4 years working his way into lkk's ic and eventually getting myrik's account info which he then used to loot everything he could, delete/steal the tol, and delete myrik's chars? because that was a memorable post
  7. hahaha cmurder did u mod edit ur sig to be the same dimensions as the elite posters'?
  8. madro

    wp/sbg dev ppl

    aoerch which sb G-d gave power to bard songs
  9. madro

    wp/sbg dev ppl

    don't get me wrong i want separate na and pacific servers in an sb-style ruleset but zerging (by whomever) is perfectly fine and when i see people in the suggestion forums talk about wanting stats to scale when outnumbered i'm smdh wondering why sb ppl whine about everything.
  10. madro

    wp/sbg dev ppl

    hmmm it looks like there will be a lot of carebear nkoths (newbs) to cry for dev help to save them when they lack the skill to save themselves
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