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  1. This!! This. A million times this! it's not that light healing can't work, but some of us are just citing a place where it DIDN'T work and where playing a "support" character was nothing but a joke. I played plenty of support characters from a medic in TF2, priest in wow and tera, a guardian in gw2, an esper healer in wildstar, support characters in Smite... And I did so in all of the content available from the hardest raids to battlegrounds to open world pvp, large scale WvW and GvG, warplots... you name it. The notion that healing is more for PVE side is wrong and plenty of upcoming and not necessarily pvp focused mmos are doing away with the role too. I always found large scale pvp battles the most fun as a support player. No other role needs the same awareness of all the happenings in a battle. Who's getting damaged, who is high or low on health, who needs a dispel, what spell should I be using now and which one to use next and on whom? How's my mana? Am I overhealing? Do i have the time to try and regenerate some mana? Can I cast a slow and efficient heal or a quick and expensive one? Who can be sacrificed and what effect that will have. Should I use a long cooldown spell to reduce the strain on my team? How healthy is the enemy? How good are their healers taking care of things, and how is their mana? All this while taking care of myself. It doesn't have to be heals. Shields, damage reduction, movement speed resistance buffs or debuffs, area denial, so many different things.. All those tools work for support. But there needs to be a serious dedication to it. GW2 is the most cited as it tried to do away with the role of healer and put emphasis on "support" but it took a wrong approach. All I and others are looking for is Crowfall to make it work, and make support meaningful; Where i can save people rather than trying to kill the opponent faster in a "best deffense is offence" approach. The ammount of times I tried to protect my teammates in gw2 and was simply ignored and left for last and how my efforts had very little effect and how I would have been more useful by going in a more damage oriented direction makes me very weary of what may come. I'm still hopeful Crowfall can do it since everything else revealed so far sounds amazing. This is just a rant of someone seeing their role dying everywhere and hoping it can still be salvaged and meaningful, even if it's not just for "healing".
  2. Before gw2 I would agree with you. After seeing how it turned out in practice, please no. Or at least I hope Crowfall takes a very different take on it.
  3. And then you play GW2 WvW and realize how much the lack of healing and real defined support roles make for a shallow GvG experience where everyone is taking care of themselves with little to no real teamwork outside of moving as a blob spamming attacks with some random buffs put in by everyone. I do hope crowfall combat differences can make up for it. Not everyone wants to go around killing people and are perfectly happy protecting/cleansing our teammates. This doesn't have to be filling health bars specifically but there's a thin line between teamwork and support, and zerg.
  4. This is something I would be Ok with Gw2 group buffs affected 5 targets at most and almost anyone and everyone had access to those not to mention a personal heal, there was no real strategy behind it. Stack; use buffs/field finishers; run in; run out, repeat. It was still blob vs blob with no priority targets (other than commanders) and the system was fairly limited with the low amount of buffs present that all classes could provide. The sense of contribution is clearly not the same as healers and 1 of the downfalls of gw2 WvW was precisely the lack of healers/real support. imagine that with healing present a small group could hold a larger on until reinforcements arrived, forcing more pvp fights rather than the base trading wvw became. Exactly.
  5. I hope they take a better support approach than gw2. While some effects were nice like Area denial skills, the small duration of buffs you could give made you feel almost useless. Not only that, the game devolved into who has the biggest zerg and synergy outside some combos was pretty much not there. There's nothing wrong with personal responsibility, but I want to feel that my support has in impact in the battle rather than just "yay 5 people has 3 seconds of regeneration buff". More than a mass of solo players going for 1 objective, healing helps create a group mentality and dependency that unfortunately is all but gone in most recent and upcoming mmos. Which is why I'm here in line with Crowfall's moto of finding something that is not out there yet.
  6. Did anyone else notice that each ruleset ring has different world maps inside? This could mean that you can only move from one to another once they align and that you may end up in a different one with different maps/resources/conditions despite the same ruleset inside that ring. On the combat part my inner healer is sad that the combat will be light on healing. and I can only hope the support options end up being better than hat gw2 accomplished as that was what truly ruined the game for me, weak/irrelevant support. Note: I don't need heals per se, but area denial/buffs/debuffs/cleanses/absorbs/damage reduction spells or auras are Ok
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