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  1. When was the last time the EK system saw a real update or any dev work done to it? Like how far back in the dev cycle was it last touched at all for anything halfway major? Its supposed to be this center point for the game, the only real persistence, yet every core game design that was supposed to lock into has taken a 180 or been removed without locking new ones into place. EK system has been left on the back burner so long its unrecognizable, just a burn pile of trash.
  2. This. So much This. I have said it before, they obviously thought crafters, gathers and pvpers are the same player mindset. They failed to make a game for crafters or gathers, they cut us off at the knees and told us the game is not for us, only HC pvpers. Now the HCpvp players dont want to gather and craft, who would have guessed. Forced group gathering was super lame, non closed econ loop was super lame. Game had hope just wish they listened to more then one singular group of people during the very long alpha and beta stages. I understand that group is for the most part whales that will pay any and all moneys they have IRL for a pvp advantage and that artcraft should have went for the pockets of those players, but they should not have built only for those players. I guess they will be able to charge the whales for crafters they can q up soon. I guess maybe getting rid of crafters and gathers creates a problem and soon they can start selling the whales answers.
  3. @DorizzdtThe amount of people from these forums living rent free in your head is not healthy.
  4. Nah. Its not like that because if you don't up damage and only up target count that actually leans even heavier into blobbing because you want to blob to spread the damage out amongst more bodies. How about something like a determination buff that goes up the more your out numbered? The problem isnt that we 100% need no aoe cap, we just need some kind of even footing mechanic vs zergs.
  5. How about when people tried the game and found no fun in it? Could that be it? They sold a lot of copies of this game. If the perception that the game was bad only came from streamers and word of mouth, then players that played the game should have found the fun in it right? If fun was there to be had players would have found the things that moved the needle on the fun gauge right? So why are so few owners of the game actually playing the game, why did so many owners never reinstall on launch? Poop don't taste like poop just because other people say it tastes like poop, it taste like poop because it's poop.
  6. Where is this everyone you speak of?
  7. A lot of us have been here a long time man. We have taken our breaks and have come back time and time again, we gave them time, they decided to release, not us, we knew it needed more time in the oven. Your account is from July. I assume its your only account because it was added in July and not back when we all were buying up multiple accounts because of passive training. So understand a lot and I mean a lot of these very basic problems are the same issues from years ago. Like actual years. Thinking they are going to fix in months or weeks what the failed to see as problems for years is wild. You not being here for it is not an excuse to be ignorant to it. I for one will continue to post on the forums in hopes to save my fellow human a few bucks. Me and my wife have spend enough money on this game that we already bought the copies of everyone we turn away.
  8. You are right I think people left for many reasons. I am only stating why most of the hardcore crafters and econ players left the game. Me and my wife started playing because of the old passive skill tree and and the dream that this would be fantasy eve. It is very far from that. Yes we understand why the pvpers that are still playing are complaining about the gear grind. That part of the econ loop is working great. The EK system that stopped being worked on years ago is what kills the econ loop. Pvpers need gathers for open world pvp (food), pvpers need crafters for gear, Ace did a bad job connecting those pieces. Having so many places to bank and no real need to move large amounts of supplies around with risk, kills the thrill for us econ players.
  9. There was little incentive for us as there was no closed economy loop and the need for group gathering. The gathering is played the same way as pve and thats played the same as the pvp. Group up go smash. Most of the players left are pvp players complaining about gear grinds. If the crafters and harvesters stuck around they would have that gear. If only we had a real economy loop.
  10. Me and my wife are both hardcore crafters, She is more crafter, I am more econ. I fully believe ACE thought PVP players and Gather/Crafters are the same player type. They never clicked the different pieces together mainly because they didn't see them as different pieces.
  11. Truth!!! However with a closed economy loop they are showing they know how to appeal to crafters and gatherers. I feel like CF missed all balance between playstyles and committed 110% toward just one player type.
  12. EverQuest had better chat functionality. That was released in 99. The people defending this kind of stuff and giving ACE the pass have dug this hole.
  13. Read all of it not just the parts you want to reply to. Yikes you don't communicate well at all.
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