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    Lots of things I guess earth, Middle-earth (Arda), those things.
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  1. Even though the devs have been active in the forums, later on when the game launches it'll probably he harder. They use this council to talk about issues, and those things. Games like LOTRO, have a Player Council to connect their community with the devs and those people. Here is how LOTRO does its' Player Council: I think (not sure), that Council Members can be nominated or send in an application. They have to be older than 18, be an active player, did not violate any rules, be able to communicate in a mature manner, and those things. They have to agree not to release any information, identify others with their forum or community name, and participate actively. The Council Members serve for one year, and are replaced at each game anniversary. They are expected to: Provide feedback, comment at least every now and then, make suggestions and recommendations, suggest changes and improvements to council. Also I think they talk via Skype. I might of made some mistakes, I was looking at the more recent letter for the Council. I've never really served in it, but it seems like a good idea.
  2. Sure, I'll look out for that. Sorry for disappearing guys, we have a website now btw.
  3. I'd rather see CGI than nothing, and there actually is a lot less CGI than everybody thinks. I find it weird that everybody is complaining about too much CGI in The Hobbit, when movies like Avatar shoot everything on a green-screen stage. There is a lot less CGI in The Hobbit though, I had to study it in a tech class that we had to do. It was actually pretty cool, but I didn't like how we had to break down things in that class. In The Hobbit, The Shire, Dale, The River (The Barrel Ride, they put barrels in the river and filmed it, they couldn't put real people because they would well, die), Beorn's House, Outside of the Lonely Mountain in AUJ, all the traveling scenes in AUJ, The Stone Trolls (the fighting was on a stage), The player's Cave, The River (After The Barrel Ride, Thorin and Co, Orcs, Legolas and Tauriel, the orcs weren't CGI in that scene except Bolg), The Warg Chase, Azog's Attack, when the eagles come, the scenery wasn't CGI, The High Fells (Tomb where you see Radagast again), Lone Lands, The High Pass, The Dwarven Refugees in AUJ Prologue, The Carrock, Rocks where Orcs got hit (barrel scene, but the orcs were on a stage and put in later), Thorin and Co seeing Dale (Dale was CGI in that picture) Mountain in the opening of DOS, Bree in DOS, Misty Mountains, were all on location shots. Goblintown, Erebor, Ravenhill, Stone Giants (Without the stone giants obviously), The High Fells (The Tomb Inside), Dol Guldur, Laketown, Mirkwood, The Hilltop in AUJ, Rivendell, Radagast's Home and more were all sets. All traveling scenes were not CGI. All More Important Places were not CGI (Beorn's House, The Shire, Dale, Laketown, and more) All CGI characters were mo-capped, and Gollum was actually on set with Bilbo Baggins All Laketown and Dale fights were not CGI, except for Smaug's Attack, but the only CGI part about that was him attacking the town, Laketown was lit on fire, with actual actors on it, trying to escape Most of the green screens you see isn't because of CGI, but to make the difference in height, if one actor was on a greenscreen, then the other are most likely on a set Almost All of AUJ was not on CGI, until the ending, with The Great Goblin King, Azog, and Gollum. But they all were on sets, except for Azog. DOS had more CGI, but most of it was to change environment. BOTFA had a lot more CGI because of battle shots, but it was really good. Sorry for that extremely long list, maybe that much researching that we had to do was not useless, that way I can tell you that there isn't as much CGI as you thought, you probably gave up reading, oh well, I just copied and pasted it, everything was on the presentation lol
  4. Just got a website, check it out guys if you want. Still need to hear from 12 active people who aren't telling me if they're on or not
  5. This is great! Were you guys inspired by Tolkien? I see some really similar things like, Eru Illuvatar who sang the world into its being and Valkyn who sang the world into its being (they weren't worded the same way, but it just reminded me of The Simarillion) and also a lot of Greek/Romans mythology ones too like the Wife and Husband, Zeus and Hera, not really loving each other.The God concepts are amazing, but all except the fiery one (Kane?), reminds me of Dwarves in JRR Tolkien's books. Also the dwarves remind me of when I can't remember his name right now made the dwarves out of earth because he couldn't stand waiting for the elves and the men to be born, and then Eru Illuvatar was going to destroy them (or was that Manwe, I don't remember, too many names...), but then they begged him not too so they let him live.
  6. Tolkien made up the blademaster elves, then a lot of people copied his work, and tried and changed up his races. Not many fantasy works had the tall, immortal elves, that JRR Tolkien used before him. I can't really think of any of them, otherwise than in mythology. You have to look in the back to see him, but this was only clip I could get. Aw, it isn't working. How do you post videos on this site? The code I usually use isn't working.
  7. The Pillars of Kings is a website that serves for the guild with the save name, although anybody from any guild can check it out and get information from it. There is also a forums, that is open to everybody. But there are some rules that if you break, can get you banned. thepillarsofthekings.weebly.com
  8. So how are ye guys doing? I might think of opening a Skype chat, although no video calls I guess.
  9. This 10 days old, but I still want to talk about music.. I haven't actually finished W101 because it takes too much money to pay both W101 and P101. You can't deny that this isn't good, I also really like the P101 Marleybone theme. I haven't actually played the part of the game with that theme, but I did with the P101 one. But this would be just epic.... Bleh videos aren't working give me a second. Well videos aren't working so I guess, here are the names. Khrysalis: The Shadow Palace (W101), Marleybone Skyway Theme (P101), The Hobbit: Sons of Durin.
  10. Hullo, question would you guys be interested in an alliance with The Pillars of the Kings, which is a group with a bunch of people in W101/P101. 3 people suggested too, so I'd guess I'd try. Also good luck with the game too, may us carebears slay....
  11. O: My sword is glowing blue... (lol nice name)..

    1. uruk


      It is my nickname in games like SC2,WC,MTG and some other.So i am from Moscow and maybe only 1 russian user in this site.;(

    2. bilbo baggins

      bilbo baggins

      Sorry for extremely late response lol. Oh that's cool, I wish my nickname was something middle-earthy I guess. GoT is great and all and I know the game will be like it, but go Middle-earth. And I'm sure at least someone else will join. I'm in the US, but I know people all over the world.

    3. bilbo baggins

      bilbo baggins

      Sorry for extremely late response lol. Oh that's cool, I wish my nickname was something middle-earthy I guess. GoT is great and all and I know the game will be like it, but go Middle-earth. And I'm sure at least someone else will join. I'm in the US, but I know people all over the world.

  12. Hullo the Phantom, actually we aren't the only ones there's about 13 and 1 pending... I believe. Thanks for joining, and also an alliance with The HIve would be great.
  13. Never realized how much games use the races Tolkien developed. Minotaur-people, Goblins/Orcs, Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Wyrms/Dragons, Wraiths, personified animals (like the Roac in The Hobbit), Eagles, Sorceress/Sorcerer (Not sure if that would count), Ents, stone people, trolls, half-elves, and Ents. Ents would be amazing, this is why...
  14. -Storyline that rotates around our characters -Plot twists -Not bad or good -Storyline that sees the world -Have history be important in our world (Like the dwarves and the elves in Middle-earth have always disliked each other because of a battle, and this reflects on everything they've done. They still dislike each other today, and remember what happened and why they don't like each other).
  15. So you guys are all joining? That's great! Our guild is called The Pillars of the King (AKA TPOTK or Argonath), there's a thread all the way back, and I by accidently said to post on here, instead of there.
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