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  1. Maybe they are also including a bonus life-size Myrmidon statue in the box. 😄
  2. Good info thank you, I'll give VPN a try next. Crowfall Support has been quick to reply which is great, just no solution yet that has worked for me. Their suggestions in case it helps others: -- Make sure none of your Crowfall files were downloaded into OneDrive. -- Restart your computer. -- Check that your ports are open so Crowfall can communicate with our servers (we need ports 80, 443 and 12000-12999 open for TCP/IP bi-directionally). UPDATE: Finally got the installer to work, it was either rebooting the modem or running through a VPN to launch the installer. O
  3. For you folks that had the "Failed to access remote metafile" error on the LIVE client, what was your workaround? Details: Running the installer, getting error: INSTALLATION FAILED JSON error Unknown error Failed to access remote metafile Read operation --------------------------------------- Steps taken: Ran as Admin: CFInstaller_Live.exe Disabled antivirus, firewall, and Windows Smartscreen. The process: The installer downloads Visual C++ 2015 Runtime, then jumps to the next step of "Status: Installing", then freezes and gives the above error. I'
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