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  1. That's quite a few assumptions but nothing of contributing value. 1) For assuming that "careBEERS" are the ones posting on this thread. 2) For assuming that they (the posting public in this thread) would choose EITHER of YOUR options when there is clearly a third option of playing a game that is both awesome and has extensive character customization. 3)That true PvPer's, Pkers and the like wouldn't appreciate and actually enjoy stronger connection to their avatar through customization. My point being that I have a suspicion that those who are not caring AT ALL about customization are the same ones that will play this game because its the new kid on the block, and then a month later just drop it. I am not that type of person when I can feel a link to the avatar created, and invest in it. I enjoy immersing in a game even when I am all about the PvP.
  2. Thank you for your thoughtful post, and final point about the developers. I started this thread because even though the immediate "response" posts showed me a cut and past "screenshot" of a possible customization sample page (although that's clearly up for debate this early in the development), I had noticed that in all the new "screenshots" of the actual character creation menus the appearance tab that was in them was now gone or cropped out. I wanted to start a conversation about it. I say thank you to those that take the conversation about customization (and the need/desire/lack of or otherwise) seriously. And to those in the beginning that simply took incredibly rudimentary and rather vague screenshots and cut/past them into this thread, thank you as well for jump-starting the conversation with your rather self-righteous and "know-it-all" posts.
  3. This is very...nah i could be sarcastic and witty but I'll leave that for another time. This post from Archie is not worth it. You clearly read the whole thread and this is what you came up with as a "retort" or "contribution". Just pathetic...
  4. I enjoy when buffs are severely restricted by the simple limiting of how many you can have at once. For example... only allowing ONE. As in Elder Scrolls, you had to choose one out of the 13 (Mundus Stone) buffs. Only one could be active at a time, but they were turned "on" once you activated them (so no refreshing) until you chose a different one or deactivated it. Albeit there were also food buffs and potions which I wasn't thrilled about. But games where you can have 4 or more buffs that require managing/refreshing/gathering and buying is annoying to the point of absurdity in my opinion.
  5. Agreed, while I like the inclusion of an in game PvE-ish element to crafting and a need (most likely) for group collection, I would HATE if there is an RNG aspect to enchanting/crafting. It is so upsetting (ie Archeage) and really just hinders progress and enjoyment of a game.
  6. I love that you passive-aggresively turned your post into an assumption that those who dislike a person's ABILITY (not the fact that it has happened) to pay more money for an advantage as something toxic. I had a good laugh, but then got sad at your judgementalism, which in my opinion is toxic.
  7. I absolutely agree. I also agree with the OP, and would like to add that those touches are the small amounts of detail that have big rewards. They let you as a player feel more immersed in the world and you feel a connection to your avatar in my opinion, usually because the other option that developers seem to use is the out of combat sword/axe/spear/weapon "complete disappearance" situation, which looks so bad.
  8. 42 is always the answer, and I really appreciate the logic and clarity of the thoughts put forth in the OP. Thanks for your insight.
  9. I am really excited that new Archetypes are continuing to be released and created. More diversity and choice in characters will definitely draw more players to the murder (as in crows). Keep em coming!!!
  10. If we introduce taverns (which I am a fan). I would also like a slightly "saloon" style tavern allowing for gambling or mini-game card playing of some sort to pass the time while drinking, listening to music and chatting. I think it could really add some immersion and incentive to build one in your EK. It would also draw others to visit yours, and then they have to walk by all the shops to get to it. Thinking about a simple poker-type game but obviously more "Crowfall" poker or something even simpler.
  11. I am for anything that allows there to be an arena short term battleground system which would allow for a distraction from the longer campaign. I am not for a hour long MOBA style gather rescources and pvp till we all gang up at the end of the hour type situation. Small unit tactics in a battlefeild scenario...sure why not.
  12. I'm sorry but numbers will always win in attrition/siege based/campaign based games. Will your "elite" group of players be up around the clock? 24/7? nope, the europeans/australians and other time zones will beat your "elite" small group, always, everytime in a game like this. Large guilds will rule all and it will be a zergfest, freindly fire or not. A zerg with friendly fire is simply more spread out lol. I have yet to see anything that will keep this from happening currently, so until then this will be the truth.
  13. Good thing no one has to worry about this for another year +. Alpha maybe by end of summer according to Kickstarter page? Beta definitely not coming till next year or later.
  14. This post is the reason this topic is a big concern of mine, I was under the impression that this would be an enjoyable PvP campaign based game of skill and group/unit tactics. However, with the advent of the "pet" option I think i am not alone with the fear that this will turn into a "collection" battle of Pokemon proportions. If battle pets turn this game from a "Throne War Simulator" into a "Pet Battle Throne War Simulator", well that's just not a game I am looking for. If your battle pet, or combination of battle pets (ie falconry and tiger strike) becomes the standard of battle I do not see this going well. If a battle pet is simply a nice distraction, or something along the lines of a means to help in collecting mats I am fine with that.
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