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    SWG, Magic the Gathering, Final fantasy games (minus all of the iterations of ff13), and idea and possibility of Crowfall. I am an Anthropologist, that specializes in the cultures of Japan and Tibet, and I also adore games that create a culture of their own!
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  1. I ususally like Knucklers, but usually try to pick new stuff if it comes up. If I could choose anything? Dual wielding 2 Sai
  2. Honestly I am somewhat surprised they have no expanded more on the fealty tree since they posted it oh so long ago. Though, I feel like it will at least be touched upon *hopefully* as of 8am CST
  3. Nothing but agreement, this is one of the few aspects of the game that we actually have control over as a community I dont want to let this game slip through our fingers like warm, buttery spaghetti...
  4. I would say that I am over the fence, however I tied a rope to the fence so that I could keep track of it in case things go sour There are still a number of things that could happen that could totally throw me off on this game, but so far exceedingly satisfied with what I have seen. Its always hard to get rid of the cynical voice in your head, after dealing with so many failures, but this one seems to know what its doing....for now
  5. This, I have a degree of faith in this team due to their track record, many of them having worked on some fantastic and unique games of their own. But again, there is nothing to prove to you this will not be a colossal failure. I plan on investing some amount once crowdfunding is up since I have not been hyped for a MMO in many years, so I am giving myself some leeway to give into the hype. But go with what you feel, if you have doubts, then wait it out. No one is promising anything.
  6. You got me at tunnel warfare....man that would be crazy.
  7. This was one of my favorite parts of SWG, the bosses would not drop the actual loot, but a schematic for the loot, that you could take to a player crafter to make, or make it yourself, and the weapons power was based on how well it was crafted, keeping both the Combat and Crafting players fairly busy. Its also a great way to promote community involvement and growth!
  8. Right?? Even post CU, its not like "gear" would drop, the schematics would drop and you would need to find a way, or a crafter to do so. Best part ever.
  9. I would like to think that the Super VIP members would sit atop a cloud from which they can watch all of the plebians play their little game.
  10. Nope, not even a little. I am a huge proponent of actually having to do all the work to get good. Not like I dont understand RL issues, being a grad student, I only can hop on FF14 maybe twice a week. But one of my least favorite things about some mmo's (FF14 specifically) is when they make it so easy to catch up. Its to let the newbies catch up, yeah, sure, but when i spend 2 months getting stuff, that takes 2 days for people to get 3 months later, I feel a bit bitter. This just sounds like P2W to me. Especially since we do not quite understand progression in CF (at least I do not)
  11. Though I agree, and think that there should be some more variety, from an sheer scientific standpoint, if there is not an area in the crowfall universe that is a desert or wasteland kind of area, there would not be a *super* darker skinned group of people per say. Though of course there are varieties of skin pigment changes around the Western and eastern europe, particularly by the balkans. That being said, clearly this game is not going for the scientific standpoint when the most recent character types are frostweavers and magic guinea pig creatures. I hope they add something different, if not just a slider on each humanoid character during creation that can change the skin tone.
  12. I read it as Guin-ee-sh-ian like Phoenicians, but thats just my opinion haha
  13. I am ususally not a huge fan of guns, if there is archer as an alternative, but the fact that it is a flintlock pistol alongside a saber, makes me feel as though it may be a single use, or very slow cooldown type of weapon, which I think would be a super cool addition (especially if this pistol is a guinea pig exclusive)
  14. Guiencians! Its been a long time since I have played an MMO that actually made it hard for me to pick a starting toon archtype! The best problem to have!
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