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    SWG, Magic the Gathering, Final fantasy games (minus all of the iterations of ff13), and idea and possibility of Crowfall. I am an Anthropologist, that specializes in the cultures of Japan and Tibet, and I also adore games that create a culture of their own!
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  1. That was the beauty of it. I remember logging on countless time JUST so that I could talk to people, hang out in Cantinas and just have a good time. Not constant raiding or constant pvp. Just general tomfoolery.
  2. Was GSB one of the Rebel PVP guilds that hung around Restuss Post NGE?
  3. I like where this is going, and I agree! I have yet to be in an MMO server that was as absurd as Bria was, (in the best possible way) I am/was Srorxax and was in HARM in my time on SWG
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