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  1. So extremely sorry to hear. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
  2. Not even VikingNail tries to take the last say anymore. It's not helping you.
  3. Your ongoing commentary tells me I'm hitting a mark.
  4. I have no venom regarding you 7B. You're an abject form of amusement as far as I'm concerned, and you can't help always supplying it. Your egocentric views makes you quite a target. You don't give me ulcers, in fact it's quite the opposite. I know that your ego would like to think that I spend my time hating on you but don't flatter yourself. It's a figment of your epeen.
  5. Yep miss Doc. He was a great mod for CF. Always willing to help genuine enquiries/questions, that people had about CF.
  6. Lol, nah it's just that you can't handle the fact that there is still people here that really don't like you, despite the fact you took a hiatus after dropping your load in this thread.
  7. Oh god, what an awesome idea CYT. I'm in again! I wasn't gonna commit to any guild again, but you talked me into it. Bravo! Edit: Had to add in the "Bravo!"
  8. Only thing I have to say about this forum and it's moderation is .... the game better be good enough to keep me amused. A decent forum is a huge bonus to any game. I love a forum for it's warts and all, with a few good laughs and liberally spiked with sarcasm. ACE, taking this drier than old dog biscuits approach, will deter a lot of adult gamers, who have any intelligence. The CF forum has mutated from fun for the first few months to just plain outright boring as hell. Hence my absence.
  9. Yep, one of the few rare classic threads still in existence. Even though a particular guild leader wiped out his statement that sparked the whole thread on, it still thankfully remains in someone's signature.
  10. I was told that Eren made that sexist remark about no women in LW council. Seems it was deleted and rightfully so.
  11. Lol VN still makes me laugh. Antagonistic much. hehe I've got no idea why the word "hardcore" gets thrown around here. Todd Coleman still adores satyrs from Wizard101 ... think about it ... is he gonna have centaurs with coconuts? are the centaurs going to do rainbow heals? Yeah, it's gonna be so hardcore. *rolls eyes*. At least thedregs.net will give us a place to have a laugh ... whether it has a filter or not.
  12. Sounds good Adall ... and after browsing thedregs.net forum, I give it a thumbs up.
  13. Toxicity is all in the eye of the beholder ... For example, I am offended by "yes" people. The people that defend game developers every single time, every thread and every post. "Yes" people are the reason that a lot of games don't get fixed, because they adamantly defend game developers constantly. "Yes" people are usually the biggest brown nosers, that try to find a direct contact with game developers so that they can passively/aggressively change the game to what they think it should be, whilst looking like the biggest fan/advocate for the game. "Yes" people deliberately use th
  14. It's already accepted that ACE is creating 2 games in 1. With that in mind, I think it's fair to create a second place to accomodate the "not so faint at heart" gamers that are attracted to ffa PvP ... a place to thump the chest and Rawr, and a place to let off steam after a long days battle. It goes with the territory. Do we not see battle hardened hero's in movies at a tavern doing arm wrestles or having a good old western type bar with shoot em ups? Hell yeah! give us the atmosphere that goes with hard nosed bash em up crash em ups. With pics to demonstrate the good the bad and the downrig
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