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  1. So extremely sorry to hear. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
  2. No need for me to post daily anymore. There's not a lot to discuss really. However, the OP brought up some good points and it will be interesting to see how ACE does find "balance". Balance, traditionally is not something that is easily found in anything we do, whether that's life in general or an online game.
  3. Yeah, well we'll just wait and see what kind of product Crowfall becomes. The spin doctor Todd does a good job, but I'm far from convinced. The OP, Courant101, has been a strong advocate for Crowfall and indeed has helped wherever he could. In a gaming community forum he's worth more than a thousand "yes" people. I'm sure that Pang will be accepting of anything ACE wants to produce, and will always back ACE vehemently. What he and many others don't realise is that game developers need lateral thinkers feedback too.
  4. Thanks Mctan, I understand your point. I should clarify my statement in regard to the 50% of the Shadowbane community that I observed leaving was actually around 50% of the Shadowbaners that were active on this forum. I do understand that there is many people that never even bother to come to game forums, and I totally understand why they don't. I have an Australian ex Shadowbane friend who purely only reads ACE posts. Nothing else.
  5. You forgot to mention guts, intelligence and guile as well as button mashers. Phht!
  6. Lol, see you've proved my point. I'm not saying that Crowfall is poorly made socks and writing it off, so don't get me wrong. I'm saying that I simply fail to see ... at this moment in time ... where this is all going. Or more accurately, I'm saying that I'm more cynical.
  7. My previous post was never going to be a favourable one for many people on this forum. I expected that.
  8. @Todd. Most of us here are relying on the ACE team to find balance. For me, I just cannot fathom why the ACE team decided to complicate the game design with the latest game reveals. Not sure if anyone was aware of the fact that about 50% of the Shadowbane community walked away when the first EK reveal was released, but I sure noticed it. Those hard nosed vets realised back then that it was going to be a big deviation to the game design. I know and understand that a lot of gamers don't mind these changes to the game design because they are used to P2W, RMT's and Bots and exploits and hacks and whatever to gain an upper hand. It would be refreshing to have a game where everyone could pvp on an even playing field and just use guts, intelligence and guile for a chance at gaining an upper hand. Even if it was a B2P and a monthly sub, I'd rather play that. Rather than having all the tricky bells and whistles that come with trying to please everyone's play style and genre.
  9. Thanks Fenris, but I've already complained about the combat. God knows we've all complained enough about that.
  10. No need to apologize for not finding it. I've neither the time nor the inclination to look for it tbh. Technically speaking, we still will have one character per account in a CW, even with VIP. Apart, from the points that Courant has made about design change, the original concept for Crowfall looked like it was a game for the hard nosed gaming veterans. I did say hard nosed and not hardcore. Even though a lot of hard nosed gaming vets could be viewed as hardcore. This was evidenced by J. Todd Coleman actually inviting his old Shadowbane gamers here to Crowfall, to help him with combat suggestions. Original Shadowbane gamers, are the most passionate gaming community I've ever met with strong bonds over so very many years, which was/is admirable. So Crowfall looked like it was going to become an enriched version of one of Todd's earlier games ... a game for the exigent. (Thanks to Courant for giving me that wonderful word ... exigent.) However, now we seem to be getting a watered down version that appears to have elements of "other" games out there. The problem with them using bits and pieces from "other" games is that we've seen how it works and know exactly what it means. I'm not going to extrapolate on that point further because it's open to interpretation. Yes, I'm disillusioned by the changes but I'll go along for the piggyback ride. ACE has a long way to go yet in piecing this jigsaw together.
  11. I agree with Courant that the information we've been given so far, is conflicting and also is somewhat contradictory compared to the original "hype train" early days, and the combat at the moment is a little sub par. However, I've managed to be snared into the realm of Kickstarters, and I'll play Crowfall, but my anticipation has waned quite a lot.
  12. You betcha I'm right, the game should be named "Vulturefull" instead of Crowfall perhaps.
  13. There is more to the RMT than just what you guys have thought up so far. I addressed my concerns to GW a long while ago and the reply I got back pretty much told me that ACE don't care about the RMT.
  14. I totally get what you are saying Fenris, the big reveal has disappointed me somewhat. In regards to making our "one" character per account be a specialist, it severely limits my choices. I doubt I'll be bothered subsidizing my alt crafter.
  15. It all boils down to this ... if you only plan on being a crafter then just stick with one account. If you want to specialize in combat or exploring then make yourself a 2nd account at least for a crafter. While I realize that some people think it will be fine to rely on their guild to supply, there will be times that you will not be able to rely on your guild. Think about years from now. It's only pure common sense to think ahead. ACE might rethink this system but somehow I get the feeling that they won't.
  16. When I log out I'm guessing my vessel will go find an inn for a few quiet ones.
  17. Can't believe it's been a year. An interesting one for sure. The many things that have happened in the background with the community alone would have made a good setting for a show like Game of Thrones and we haven't even begun the game.
  18. Ace originally told us that it was possible to play lone wolf but you wouldn't get the best out of the game if you did. I see that being a lone wolf now would be most difficult. Not impossible but certainly struggle street.
  19. Having said that ... it could well force many into the outer bands.
  20. Great find Courant! Gosh I'd almost forgotten it. At first I was dismissive about any arguments against the crow/vessel. However, now I've had time to process the ramifications it will make to my own individual game play, I'm finding it will certainly affect me. I'm just not sure how much yet, since I had planned to spend most of my time in the Dregs. The time sink in maintaining gear and vessels may become a huge pain in the rear, unless I can run a 2nd account with a dedicated crafter on it to help keep me more self reliant. Ofc not everyone will have this problem as they are not me, but this system will affect everyone in some way.
  21. I'm not saying I hate the whole idea but I can see that there may well be some issues for some. Not everyone lives in the same time zones or indeed can play inside the "normal" peak times. It may impede our ability to access guild crafting or resources. Now with the vessels being a crafted item or a repair it's just adding to the list of needs.
  22. Take a long hard think about it. There may well be times that we are separated from our guilds. Time differences may be just one of them.
  23. Question is ... how much time will it take in obtaining, upgrading and maintaining our vessels. It can't be made to feel like too much of a grind either. ACE have given us several options in attaining a vessel at least. Crafting, scavenging and praying. Most guilds will be supplying dedicated crafters for this purpose. However, the problem will be if we even have access to the guild crafters if we end up in different CW's. So crafting may not be an easy option for some. Scavenging will be the most viable source for a new body however, I'm sure that graveyards may not easily be accessed either, as I'm positive that some will camp the graveyards ready to take us down before we even take our new frankenbodies for a test drive. Will our graveyard vessels be useable straight away or are we going to have to repair them immediately? Just a rambling thought. Praying. I've no freaking idea what kind of obstacles we will encounter on our pilgrimage for the holy vessel. It will depend on us finding an altar. I think that most of my issues is that I am usually an independent individual in most of my games and hate relying on others for needs. Therefore, the amount of time I spend looking for vessels could become a source of frustration. I know that Blair and Todd have stated that it will be easy enough for us to obtain vessels but the jury is out for me on this. I can only speculate on it for now and wait to see.
  24. Well, your character trait of persistence may well stand you in good stead in a game like Crowfall. You may have underestimated your ability to transform the dying worlds and changing carcasses.
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