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  1. Due to your helpful and kind assistance I will now have no need to contact them I believe. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you, this is very helpful information as well as that spreadsheet. I really appreciate the quick responses and clarified information. I really wish Artcraft had done a better job of expliaining this instead of a "Hurry up or you lose everything!" email.
  3. Is there a way to see exactly what I had before I clicked all the green check boxes? I can not find an audit of anywhere in my account.
  4. So I thought I was redeeming it all so that I would have it since they are removing it on 9/1. So now my VIP, extra character slots, and all the other green checkbox items are gone? Can I at least buy them back since it was not explained on the account page or in the article that only said hurry before its too late? This seems like it was a scare tactic to get people to give up backer rewards for what appears to be nothing.
  5. There is currently no visible means to getting support.
  6. Please help!!! It sounded like the green buttons had to be clicked before 9/1 or they go away. Now it sounds like I have sold off my backer rewards and for an unknown reason. Please help correct this. There have been no clear instructions presented in the email, the article or the account page.
  7. Please explain why the recent email says we have to claim something (it never explains what or how to to do any of it) by 9/1 or "prices shoot up". Why is my backing not being honored until you go live and can just fulfill the promises you made? Are you just trying to hose anyone who does not log in all the time while waiting for the game to actually go live?
  8. There are a huge number of missing steps. The steps provided do not result in any sort of synching a mobile device to the account. It just spits out 6 digit codes every 30 seconds that do not work.
  9. I am very pleased to hear this. I have always viewed multi-boxing and duplexing as cheating. It most definitely gives an unfair advantage. I hated how in many games with open world PvP where the number of toons in a given battle can vary, this multi-boxing and duplexing was a must or you were behind the curve. It was one of the things we saw in EQ, EQ2, WoW and a few other games. You would see that tightly grouped train of characters that would all focus fire with precision and timing that could only be done with multiple clients all being run with one set of keyboard/mouse commands.
  10. I actually really like the way EQ2 handled some buffs. You had 5 concentration points. Each one could be used to maintain a buff until you shut it off. It meant you had to make choices about what to use. Some were auras that impacted your group, and I like that too. It means you cant go get a high level player to buff you up. You need to group up, it helps enforce grouping and group tactics.
  11. malkav

    Crotch Chop

    Its the classy version of tea bagging, but with so much more hilarity as it was so well executed in Shadowbane.
  12. Eren, Its more of a Shadow Knight from EQ or Dread Knight from Vanguard. Death Knight from WoW isn't quite what I had in mind, its close, but not quite.
  13. My take on these three is that they are really the start of the new way in which big titles will be made. Star Citizen has certainly proven that EA was wrong and mishandled Earth and Beyond. There is most defiantly a following for space games. Personally I have backed this one and I am very excited for it to release the Persistent Universe. Crowfall also scratches a niche that other games cannot. It has the promise to be a new and exciting experience, not EQ redone, again. I backed this as well. Shroud, I was actually very excited for this one until I did some digging and tried a few of the alpha builds. The combat system is very luck based and prevents all but a very few specific builds from being effective. The responses they have provided show that they are unwilling to make significant changes to how the combat works. Further more they are selling land as a back reward. This is not instanced land, this is a limited resource. People coming into the game with a smaller back reward are at a disadvantage if they have an interest in the housing/land aspect of the game. This is pay to win at its core. A limited resource is being sold off to the highest bidder before the game even launches. This isn't too surprising though considering how UO ended up being much about flipping land on Ebay but it is disappointing. A fourth one that wasn't listed by the OP and believe is worth watching is Shards Online. This has the potential to reach those of us who really like in depth RPGs and has an online element. Check it out if you haven't.
  14. miltenaciousI would be very interested to see your sketches. The way I see it in my head is probably very much influenced by my characters from EQ, EQOA, EQ2 and to a lesser extent Vanguard. In all cases I was a Dark Elf SK/Dreadknight.
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