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  1. So,so close...good luck to everyone and lets have some fun!
  2. Top class leader/s and friendly members....recommended.
  3. Just testing the NPE on this build and the Quest chain broke for me about 3/4 way through. Was sent to the NPC to buy and then equip an exploration discipline...I equipped a quarryman and was sent to the next NPC...before this patch I was asked to craft a basic Hammer and then an intermediate hammer.However I was instead asked to use the harvesting buff while harvesting stone..I did this and returned to the NPC,now he asks me to craft the hammer,I do it and the Quest line stops..cant continue!
  4. IN the NPE the part where you are asked to buy and equip an exploration discipline...it allows you to advance by equipping a crafting discipline...any new players then miss the lesson of how to craft tools.
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