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  1. "No Levels, No Dungeons, Player Versus Player. Play to Crush." PvPers are going to be the bread and butter of Crowfall. Make the tagline something that appeals to them.
  2. There was another game that would list banned players in their "Hall of Shame" which would list the character name, their server name, their guild name, and the reason they were banned. I love that you have such a strong stance on banning cheaters. I hope you will consider publicly shaming them and their guild - it lets the players know what guilds are harboring the cheaters and in a game like Crowfall, mob justice can and probably will be served to guilds with numerous repeat offenders.
  3. So, let's pretend we are in a campaign doing our thing to earn Victory points (whatever that may be). The world shakes. Lightning strikes all around you. Fire erupts from the ground. A server announcement goes out. [PARAGON] has arrived. Insert some cool special name. The Paragon is like an epic hero of each race in the game. Essentially a random spawning world boss. They are present only for a limited amount of time. If your race's Paragon arrives, your job is to fight off all the other players and defend your paragon. Your Paragon is friendly to you. Succeeding could
  4. To all of you at Artcraft. I just want you to know that all of this open communication you are having with us - your future players, your community and your customers - means a lot. You are all very open and candid about the game. Sure you might have a few details squirreled away, but big important questions are answered. You appear to be listening to your player base so far. I am stunned daily by your constant communication. Don't ever stop your level of community involvement. So many times in my career as a MMO gamer, game companies start out very strong in their communicatio
  5. Please implement two-factor authentication for your website accounts before you hand out kickstarter rewards. I would like to secure my account before tying anything monetary to my account.
  6. That turns telegraphs into an advantage for players that use them which essentially turns into everyone turning them on and then scowling at their screen because they ruin the beautiful artwork. Maybe they could disable them for certain campaigns for a more "hardcore" crowd.
  7. Is there a compilation of assets that have been released for use in fansites?
  8. I am okay with it at Launch just to get the game out the door, but down the road they should expand it so that your race and archetype can be independent.
  9. Visible account name does not have to be the same as login name. There are many ways to do it. Display name, login with e-mail address, add a random number to the end for login. What you see in game does not and should not be what you enter to login, but it should tie all of your characters together.
  10. Back in the day I played a game called Conquer Online. It is free pk from level 10 to 120. I Miss that rush of fleeing someone 30 levels over you because they might gank you, that weariness between two players who meet out on the field. Is he going to attack me? Should I attack first? I miss the drama of killing someone over spawn encroachment only to fuel a blood war between two guilds. I miss having a list of players who have wronged you and when you become powerful hunting them down, killing them, and then saying "That's for ganking me when I was level 20." I miss the cam
  11. Also, no damn special characters. SWTOR has names that are impossible to whisper or invite because you have to know some obscure alt code. Names should be unique to the account name. Character@Account where the @ can be any special character delimiter. Account name should be visible. For a tell, then I can just type /w character@account My message here For the kickstarters, however, make our reserved names unable to be claimed by anyone but us for an account or character name. That will not take away from our early adoption by rewarding us with truly unique names.
  12. Link for the lazy http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54d23a28cb64aad54d68afd8 A couple of things: 1. #38 has no text description, just a reiteration of the title. 2. #27 Since expanding your kingdom is Social only, I would be okay with selling some kind of land expansion item for real cash and be able to trade that with other players in the game. We are already going to be able to trade VIP time, so adding this would not be pay to win since it is a vanity item. Some players may disagree, but I err on the side of understanding you need a source of income and this particular item has no dir
  13. Quote by ThomasB Source So, if I am to understand, Crowfall is going to have a Barter system with no forced currency. Okay, that sounds different and cool. I have one concern. I do not want to have to stand around spamming a trade channel to offload my surplus goods, items, or VIP passes. I experienced that pain point in GW 1 and it completely destroyed the game for me. You should still allow for those kinds of trading for players who like it, but for the majority of us who want to "set it and forget it" please implement a Marketplace system. Here's how it should work.
  14. Selling the VIP tokens in game worries me. I did my time in Archeage and witnessed first hand how a wallet warrior can turn legitimately purchased tokens into greater in game wealth, giving them a clear advantage over other players. ArtCraft is going to have to be VERY mindful of this system. On the one hand, they need an avenue for the income. Also, I do like the idea of "free" players being subsidized by those who are willing to put more cash into the game in exchange for more resources. It's a system that needs carefully planned balancing. What worries me is that those with l
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