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  1. I would absolutely love to work on a Necromancer character!!! (sidenote: my favorite class in Diablo 2) I would want to make a necro class that can of course raise dead - skeletons, zombies, liches...etc. - but for for me...I would want shear visceral soul rending action combat Necro. Someone who has traveled and explored the lay-lines of life and death - intimately. I would love for him to have a ripping/tearing blood-sacrifice action element feel to him. His basic attack could be an minor death coil/withering attack and maybe every "N"th it attack could drain/transfer health. He could drain life through aura's and direct abilities (indirect/sustain), spear/claw enemies with razor sharp bone spells/mutations (caster/direct/assassin), explode/siphon corpses, and spread death and disease (support/specialist), rip and rend souls (support/specialist/assassin), and as a back up have a small but deadly set of dagger/claw ripping/branding/cursing/soul-slaving abilities for last line of defense melee (assassin). Oh and for escape, he could occasionally move demonically fast (think soul projection like Lord Marshal from Chronicles of: Riddick), OR!!!! oh!!! maybe he could temporarily mutate himself into a large twisted undead hulk/brute creature and just smash stuff until you are brought down or escape. Some form of undeath/blood form could be cool too!!! Anyway - I've always liked the vibe that Necro's have in general - artistically, thematically..etc. Those are just some random thoughts.
  2. Love the feed back guys! Couple thoughts/notes of my own. This guy is in battle so I thought it would be cool if he looked like he was hyped up on adrenaline and power. I wanted to try to make his combat idle animation have some kind excited and anxious energy - hence the nervous foot action. Having had time to really sit back and review the sequence of animations i have a couple thoughts in mind. 1) How far can i push the combat idle energy and aggression levels before it becomes weird and/or silly. As it is right now i think i can try doubling the intensity and movement - but that may be too much. 2) I really wanted to put more power into the attacks but I didn't have the time (T.T) and in reality it's more than enough for design to test gameplay with (I'm the only animator at the moment). 3) Dat tail animation - I think the camera angle is covering most of the motion but it's moving more than it might look. From the player cam perspective it moves around quite a bit. Also it's fluffy!!! 4) This is still all pre-alpha stuff - And right now i honestly can't tell you how excited i am to get to work with the Crowfall characters on a combat oriented game. I WANT TO ANIMATE ALL OF THE THINGS!!!!!!
  3. "Your life is your own, rise up and live it." Richard Rahl- from "Sword of Truth: Faith of the Fallen"
  4. You guys are the best !!!!! I know it's subjective but as an artist and a gamer I am happy that we are leaning into Tera's realm of combat design. We are not going to copy - but we do like some of the methods and idea's the system works with. ------- @TeoH - Thank you for making that video! As we discuss and throw idea's around at the studio it really helps having resources like this to work with as a point of reference across the different teams. ------- So true! This is absolutely something we are aware of and are working out ways to avoid it. We really appreciate the feedback and idea's!
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