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  1. I wish I could have some fun with you. It would be more interesting than the other posters here. But going at it half-assed its rather unsatisfying. Can't tell if troll or stupid. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Because I said it's beside the point. I also said that when I said there's no strict definition of what constitutes an MMO I'm talking about more than strictly what its name is suppose to imply. Do you want me to repeat myself a fourth time? Reading is hard.
  3. I'm not currently arguing anything. I'm simply pointing out the mistake in your previous post.
  4. Things are defined by more than the literal meaning of its name, hence why I said not interested in arguing about semantics. (Did it take you this long to look up what the word meant?) Notice how I also said it's beside the point.
  5. And... that matters... how? lol I couldn't care less what you like or don't like. Is all everyone here can say +1 +1 +1 +1000? Ridiculous.
  6. There is no strict definition of what constitutes an MMO. Also, it's beside the point. The only thing that determines whether there should be instances or not is whether the implementation will be perceived as fun for the intended demographic. Anyways, I thought the original message was to create something new, not go back to 1995.
  7. MMO demographics has completely changed. Part of the reason why I felt ArtCraft's message on play2crush was purely sensationalist. Making your game appeal to more people is not a bad thing. And I'm not just referring to its effect on the bottom line. ArtCraft started off quite heavy with the elitism, and that's probably what you should expect with many aspects of this game.
  8. shikarin


    Without auction houses, trade costs time. If trade requires active participation from two parties, you will have virtually no trade of anything other than the most valuable items in the game. *Rather, not trade, but the matching of buyer with seller.
  9. shikarin


    No auction house is the easiest way to guarantee your economy will be trash. =p Unless you come up with something that is functionally an auction house equivalent, which would mean it's no longer no auction house. And by equal I mean facilitating trade through one or more computer-controlled systems as intermediaries.
  10. I don't RP and I certainly don't play MMOs for the story. So I couldn't care less whether a side is good or evil. I'd play whichever side I thought looked better. Unless classes are faction/race specific, but that's fairly rare nowadays.
  11. shikarin


    Countering inflation is actually very simple. Auction house tax will at some point be balanced against gold generation, as long as gold generation is not growing exponentially (in which case there's something seriously wrong with the game). In-game economics is not very complex at all. On the contrary it is extremely simple, relatively speaking.
  12. People don't pay you simply because you're a "crafter". It's a matter of value generation. Crafting takes no skill and has no difficulty. Therefore, the process of crafting is worth nothing. Items are crafted with no profit because of market forces that respond to how value generation is balanced in-game. There are a multitude of ways to add value to crafting. Most developers choose the time and/or monetary investment approach, which is traditional and probably least complicated. Your post is a good story, but does not address underlying issues and challenges that apply to creating a balanced crafting economy.
  13. You're probably right about votes bumping threads. Pretty keen. But that will not be ideal. Obviously, many more people vote than reply. You're just going to end up with a front page that is 95% polls. It's a discussion forum not a voting booth.
  14. You ask for thoughts without violating the rules. Unfortunately I can only give you a common sense thought. Most forums don't enforce their rules to the letter.
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