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  1. Will there be vendors that have the option to purchase from players? So I am a crafter and I want to set up a vendor to purchase ore from players. I could set the amount I am willing to pay and players can sell their goods to my vendor.
  2. $80K for a videographer... Seems a bit overboard unless you are hedging on some of that to go towards multiple years.
  3. I'm not. Though i've lead many clans throughout different games for the past 16 years and maintain contact with many of my former members.
  4. I would not mind having finite amounts of ammo if the ammo could be crafted with specific stats. Maybe arrows can be crafted to have better precision at longer ranges or be enchanted with magic based abilities. However, a quiver should not be limited in how much one can carry and should not go against any other weight limitations that would hinder the class compared to non-ammo required classes.
  5. No. This is referring to the Earth Mother from Norse mythology. It was discussed in one of the interview videos on mmorpg.com.
  6. I'm all for mounts - not the flying kind. But what would Centaurs ride?
  7. How would this even be measured considering there are no levels in Crowfall? Measuring weapon skills? Measuring some sort of item score? Based on my understanding of things in Crowfall is that it is more (player) skill based than anything else. So it is more of a matter of you sucking versus not sucking versus another player.
  8. The last part that is bolded can be construed as a P2W situation. Let's say I am running a successful marketplace in my kingdom and is highly sought after by crafter's and merchants throughout the game. I can pay real money to expand my kingdom to allow more people in which will then benefit me via gaining currency either through taxes or bribes. It is a loose comparison of a P2W scenario, but none the less it provides those with real world money to benefit quicker (if these services are also obtainable in-game) than those who do not have the money to spend. Not wanting to start a flame war of P2W versus not, but did want to bring to the attention of the team of a possible P2W scenario since they've been adamant about not being a P2W game.
  9. My favorite MMO's for PvP were DAoC and GW2. I like the RvR/WvW gameplay. Not necessarily getting steamrolled by a zerg of players, but the large area with multiple battlefronts. I cannot stand arena type PvP matches so I hope Crowfall does everything possible to steer clear of them.
  10. @Gordon Having played SWG Pre-CU and thoroughly enjoying the crafting and resource gathering portion of the game. Why do you think after all of these years no one has really replicated that level of crafting again? It was a highly praised system and usually features like that are copied pretty soon and often.
  11. Will different worlds/campaigns have different rules when it comes to physics? (e.g. less gravity, etc.)
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