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  1. Yeah cause that's nothing like the name of anything in any game ever...
  2. Don't know what paying money does for you in this game, but JTODD's argument in the OP really does suck. If i would find the thing that supposedly is P2W to actually be P2W material, the game would be P2W imo, unless someone can come up with a better argument than JTODD's
  3. jwjssif


    if you want to discuss it and you're the OP maybe you should start a few conversation topics rather than just saying "talk about this pls"
  4. tried it once very early on. there was absolutely nothing to do and I got killed by a couple of pigs or something
  5. Wow thats a lot of replies, thanks guys. Definately got my question answered Playing with other people is fine, its just the "being in a team" and building structures together and being very reliant on others that rubs me the wrong way. Multiquotes seem to be broken for me, but Mythx, The Dregs is the place I've been looking to play in so far, since the FFA rulesets seem to cater to solo play the most. Ill keep ur post in mind and maybe we'll see eachother in game
  6. Hey. The more info that gets released the more and more this game seems like a team game with a lot of focus on guilds or teams of other sorts as well as team efforts such as building a castle. That doesn't really interest me, I really like to go out and do my own thing in MMO's. The ideal scenario for me would be to play a fighting style archetype that can somehow sustain himself. That is either craft my own armor and weapons or be able to somehow be able to buy it from other players with self-earned currency. Maybe freelance as a mercenary who protects caravans or something like that. To w
  7. it just doesnt make any sense at all, on any level
  8. that just makes it a MOBA... After reading through the thread it seems a lot of people assume "skills" to be only skills with weapons. I assumed it was also crafting/riding/farming/whatever. If it's just weapon skills I don't really mind it, but I doubt it will be. And people keep talking about grinding as if it were a bad thing. Grinding is great, provided that it's fun. Grinding by killing the same 20 mobs by waiting for them to respawn sucks, but grinding doesn't necessarily mean that. Grinding just means that something takes a long time and a lot of effort.
  9. So this is basically like WoW item progression except that you have to do EVEN LESS? This system gives you 5.5 skills maxed in 3 months (~ one campaign). Granted I don't know how many skills there will be in the game, but since the developers have said that this will be the fastest and PRIMARY way to progress, I don't suspect that really matters... It won't matter what "game play" way you choose to progress the rest of the available skills regardless of how many they are, you're still gonna progress about 5.5 skills per 3 months. Sucks tbh.
  10. No thanks. Healthbar please.
  11. You haven't even read what the attack does. Do you think all spinning attacks are inherently overpowered?
  12. Do you realize how arrogant you're sounding OP?
  13. In general I wonder how progress is going to pan out and what choices I'll have to make during it. Will having better items "compete" with having more spells or being better at crafting? etc
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