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  1. Pft, anyone could forget government ID, just look at the young kids these days getting into them here clubs and what not. Hooligans I tells ya! Instead we should do it based on social security number, and make it public too because secrets don't make friends. But people should be able to update their gender when it changes, with proof of course. I'm glad that we are both being serious here, the internet has no time for games.
  2. But to be honest, I think we should lock genders to our IRL genders as well, cus i'm sick of hitting on chicks in game to figure out they are actually dudes. QQ Plus then I dont have to walk on eggshells with what I say, I could figure out who is going to be offended at the things I say.
  3. forgive me, sarcasm doesnt travel well through the internet. But reading through the topic kinda reminds me of the south park episode of transgenders. Personally, I feel like it shouldnt make a difference, considering you're playing as a character and not actually being the character yourself. But I'm white and male so what do I know
  4. Personally I dislike the fact that my character has to be cis gender and fit into normal gender stereotypes, what is this the 1970's? it's 2015, people!
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