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  1. Awesome thanks.. and Thanks Gorwald for streaming
  2. Just wondering if anyone has a link to those who will be streaming tonight's test
  3. I only have 6 matches left so I'll probably skip tomorrow and save em for another day
  4. One only needs to look at Wildstar's development to know what happens when you build a game that is too inaccessible and difficult for the average gamer. For those that don't know... it's a recipe for failure. Make the game as fun as possible for the most amount of people = success and longevity. Make the game inaccessible, overly hard/complicated = empty servers
  5. I think we are safe. There really isn't a whole lot of pre alpha testers and hunger dome requires quite a few
  6. Awesome thanks! Could I convince you to do a flash test this evening? Wasn't able to test my new PC in todays build since we didn't have enough testers online for a game
  7. Just launch from the debug client in the folder... West coast server up.. east coast still down
  8. Awesome job man... you're a great addition to the Crowfall community. Keep those videos coming
  9. I get the "minority" by comparing populations of MMOs with reticle targeting systems vs MMOs without Tera, Eso, dark fall vs WoW, Guildwars, Swtor, wildstar
  10. Omg.. Hilarious commentary. Love how you made up names for all the abilities
  11. Movement is the big picture. Not having full control of my character or telling my character to go left and it goes forward or my character stopping and starting every 3 seconds is terrible
  12. Found similar matches in Guildwars 2. Notice how much more action orientated the combat is without animation lock? https://youtu.be/dX-AuJSdO-8?t=7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b32EdCDeiGI While it does have some tab targeting, the game is a hybrid in that half the abilities are AoE and require actually aiming in the direction of the player to land. No reason why Crowfall couldn't go for a fully aimed system while allowing free movement on a majority of the skills
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