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  1. April 20th was the first time I played Siege Perilous and this moment cracked me up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPXm7jIIiCA
  2. This looks like it could get addictive in a simcity/cities skylines kind of way. quote from the news article: Does anyone from ACE play paradox grand strategy games? If so you would notice in the paradox forum that under the user Icon of each user in the forums is a bunch of little forum badges that indicate what games and expansions the user has. If a user on CF can continue to get badges over the course of the life cycle of the game maybe that would be a good way to deal with all the badges. maybe have a featured badge larger than the others then the rest are small/tiny?
  3. I don't consider it Makruh to play a game about fictional gods, since there no way am I going to dedicate a room in my house to build an alter to them.. its fiction. If you don't like the way the women look play a guy or a rodent.
  4. I see that working in the dredges which is like the survial games (Day-Z H1Z1 etc..) but I can't help but imagining proximity chat in a massive battle being a headache. wasn't the ingame voip in Planetside 2 has different channels global, squad, guild(outfit) a realm channel I think as well etc.. so maybe you can mute what you don't want to hear. that seems like it would work for the people not already on thier own VOIP together.
  5. As an Arab I really do not care about localisation for me personally since I have grown accustomed to playing in English. I am not at all against Arabic localisation if others really want it. The main thing I wanted was an ACE run EU server which is happening.
  6. I can attest to that. I found out about the kickstarter from his tweets XD
  7. Scout, Switch and Utility as long as I don't have to deal with pet AI.
  8. I voted for the Duelist because I keep playing rodents in MMOs but I like the Ranger backstory/Archetype Blurb. The specialist role intrigues me.
  9. I am fine with my Amber tier atm so no.
  10. I went into GW2 WvW without a guild. At the end I found friends not only in the guild I am in but in a few others. Don't worry about it.
  11. I got mine yesterday. Amber Early Bird.
  12. I am in the Middle East and play in the EU. My ping is always higher than my EU guild mates. I have played in some Alpha and betas on US servers but it was not optimal. EU servers run by ACE would be ideal. If it is under those EU publishers mentioned earlier in this thread I will most likely not use their service. I am an Amber patron and hoping for the best.
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