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  1. Coolwaters was a stand up guy and was way too young to go. My thoughts are with his family.
  2. varg

    Magicbane Wiping?

    If anyone cares, Mir is the one who looted FC gear from my hut. I was the one foolish enough to use a hut in a city he had authority over, however. And yes, there were some very lucky characters on one of my accounts courtesy of an individual named previously in this thread. I never personally used them in GvG situations, they were more of an amusement. For what it's worth, I was never a double agent or whatever. I generally enjoyed my time in LoC/QFT because they stuck around for longer than a few weeks at a time. I joined LoC after all the RoFL players had quit the game shortly after Redemption opened. When I "defected" from LoC, I hadn't played the game in quite a while and was asked to come back and play with the group that ended up becoming NGR/GooL/Reptilians once Mourning migration opened up. I joined QFT after Reptilians called it quits and I was still enjoying the game. I never returned to the game after the whole FC gear fiasco, but have dabbled a bit on the emulators.
  3. Yeah, crazy to think that we are approaching the point that Shadowbane has been gone for longer than it was around.
  4. I remember on Vengenance, I had a character in the guild that was a precursor to Beyond Reproach. I'd rename my city to the same as their's (use a capital I instead of an l) and then watch for people requesting a summon. I met Zooks that way heh. Who remembers the fiasco that happened to the leader of LKK? Myrik Justicar?
  5. Enjoy is back from the dead!
  6. Or so the story goes. Autocorrect is fixing the G o D in the subject.
  7. Carnage, my first server!
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