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  1. Made another for fun focused on group support and can go either damage (Knight) or healing (cleric). Centaur Knight / Cleric Bard and Troubadour Expansive mind, twisting, sustaining note. Mastery of shields Ohh I can't wait to start actually testing builds in game rather than in my head.
  2. Whoa that's pretty cool! It will be interesting to see what kind of combinations people with come up with to take advantage of different classes resources pools and generation.. man I'm happy they are going with SB character building, soo fun! Edit: oh yes and thank you Tinnis for setting this up.
  3. Posting quick while I have time, might be a double question: Will the weapon disciplines be available for more classes to give more build variation? Was hoping to mess around with builds like melee mages or magic wielding warriors (and not be limited to only scimitar druid for example.. which looks a lot like psi blade warlock to me).
  4. I went fae frostweaver, illusionist and escape artist, uniform mail overwhelming odds and punch drunk. For group PvP.. probably one of 100 characters I'll try I have a chronic case of altitis. It looks like they still have to work which classes have which options for weapon disc, id love to have more options available for more classes. Also would love to see throwing daggers/axes in there if possible, even if they had a stack / ammo counter.
  5. Yeah they could be moved to disciplines completely. Well poorly made socks now I have to find something to do for 24 hours...
  6. I'm down for group pvp in EK if anyone needs an extra body let me know!
  7. I agree God's Reach and Disciplines, players will be able to mess around with different weapons as well as tons of new skills with existing archetypes (and maybe a couple more as well, since they are making so many abilities with disc maybe more than 1 archetype is finished?). A 24/7 server would be amazing as well.
  8. I think the biggest concern from the very beginning is that we could see where there would be problems flicking the FF switch "on", due to the skills and ability sets of the classes they are chosing to create. The fact that we're now further into developement and that the abilities being created are looking even messier in a FF environment is scary to us, since it gives the appearance that FF is being thrown under the bus. Again, the old arguement comes back, "Why waste time making a system that will fall apart/change completely when the FF switch is turned on?" But who knows, I bet (hope and pray) that they have been internally testing FF this whole time and are waiting for a better time to turn it on for us to see, when it's more polished. Everything they show us is also going to be shown to a much larger audience, and they could scare away a lot of people showing a terrible looking combat experience. I remember idiots freaking out about the greyscale environment during the first Hunger Dome, I can barely imagine the kind of trolling and idiocy some footage of unpolished FF enabled slaughter would cause on the interwebs.
  9. I thought FF was a very important aspect and is what made this game appeal to me from the beginning. It was a way to break up the stack fighting this game would inevitably turn into and at the same time promote good play and coordination with teammates. I hope I'm wrong and my crystal ball is actually made from cheap glass, but without FF it's going to be zerg and stackfest... Maybe their "answer" to stack fighting and zerging will be collision / terrain / physics effects ? (like... drop a "rock" on the stack" as a bad exmaple)
  10. Can't wait to build a dw dagger melee (or dw throwing dagger) druid! Ohh sb character building, how I missed you.
  11. On the flat vs nonflat surface we also have to consider how deep the walls will penetrate into the ground to prevent tunneling. If they make the walls penetrate atleast a character length deep (knight, for example) then the building surface can be more choppy.
  12. I think the fealty system should solve any problems with wolfing it by allowing single players or small groups to "sub" under other guilds for a time. If the system is as open and easy to manage as they make it sound, people wolfing it will great opportunities for recuiting or being mercs. Whether they end up helping get the win or just use it as protection is up to them.
  13. If those unique individuals want to do that then that's awesome, good for them. I think that type of mentality can lead to a lot of replayability. In the end if theres a 20 person guild who have mastered every archetype, they still need to be able to form a cohesive group and play together according to their spec. They might have the "advantage" of versatility in their approach but what they bring to the field will be the same as everyone else. I guess the most important peice of the puzzle will be travel time and how quickly people with multiple vessel options can change tactics.
  14. Well that's the spec junky in me, I'll be making and trying a million specs regardless of how long it takes. I like to play something different, when i fight people i want them to be like what the hell was that guy just doing (and I'd like it to work.. most of the time it doesn't). Games that force hard character advancement through time sinks just enforce cookie cutter specs harder imo. Plus i got kids and life to deal with now, cant be spending all my time training bulsocks time sink skills.
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