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  1. Hmm.. good question. Considering the $30/$34/$36 were early-bird versions of the $40 pledge level, I'd hope so!
  2. Ah, thank you! That was my mistake! *reads the update*
  3. Thank you, Oberon! I still can't see the info in Update 21.. unless what I'm looking at isn't Update 21. If Update 21 is http://crowfall.com/#/news/13-million-in-pledges- ... well, it just isn't there, not that I can see it, and I've tried on more than one computer. But obviously it's there for some of you, so..... *confused*
  4. The stretch goal for 14.5K backers will yield 1 to 160 bonus parcels. It points to update #21 for details. There aren't any details, or any mention of it at all. Did this get overlooked?
  5. Artcraft have mentioned there will be costume items, I think in the FAQ somewhere... but I haven't seen anything more about them than that. VIPs do get a discount on the cash shop, and you'll be able to buy cosmetic items there. Hopefully they'll support the RP crowd to a degree. I know in Rift, some people spend a LOT of money creating some pretty amazing things in the housing instances (dimensions), despite the serious limitations present. It'd be healthy for Crowfall, and fun for us. Even those who disdain RP will often appreciate choice in appearance through costuming, I bet.
  6. What I'd like to see is unrestricted transfer of costume items between the Eternal Kingdom and whichever Campaigns your character is in. There'd be no effect on stats or gameplay. It would facilitate RP, both direct and indirect. It would encourage purchase of said costume items from the cash shop (making Artcraft money), since they'd be able to be used at any time.
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