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  1. So as a charitable act your propose a conversation about something that is actually irrelevant to what you want and when the first person answers it with an actual contextual answer you simply agree with them? What color trees do you want in your magical make believe garden of irrelevance? Crafting shouldn't be as important to my char as my ability to PvP, and unless they change the name to Crowfarm or Crowcraft I am going to assume the fall at the end of crow symbolizes all the bodies falling around me and me crouching repeatedly on the graves in an oddly suggestive manner.
  2. Whoa what's with attacking Chet while he is ip banned... I never read the little booklet,'was there really that much lore in it?
  3. I keep an empty bottle on my desk in case I need to urinate.
  4. Maybe you and I are thinking about different games but you and your mentality of appeasing to the masses appear to be on the wrong boards. This is a game who's very motto is "Play to Crush" and unless they have found a way to enable your blacksmith crafting char hit a person with the anvil while your craft your +6" Heels of Love and Feelings...okay I lost my train of thought after that. Maybe you forgot so I will help you. http://imgur.com/XY1iyGk
  5. . I'm half jap, that's racist. I demand he be punished, sexually if allowed.
  6. Individuals farming for crafting mats and then as individuals crafting useless turtle shields to raise their crafting skill is an outdated system designed as filler content while waiting to pvp. I would rather people be required to work together for gear and be forced to fight for their resources, a NPC crafting system be in place that you would turn those resources into and that has a meaningful impact. This way my 2h warrior could get gear without me investing time in leveling a skill so I could instead focus on piping with said char. It also doesn't force cookie cutter time templates by forcing my Melee char to be a blacksmith or metal worker or all mages to pick flowers while being a seamstress on the side. Don't define my char by skills, define him by the amount of ass he can kick and reward him with the lamentations of your women.
  7. Test felt like a cheapened experience to me, that same speed worked against it. Look at the impact relationships had on mourning compared to test, people from mourning have held grudges, friendships, alliances and out right hatred for 10 years. It makes me sad that by then I wasn't even playing SB, I would have loved to get in in that level of devotion but alas I was busy marrying a stripper and then getting divorced.
  8. I prefer a system where resources are acquired through PvP, the guild hall has access to a crafting system and the IC for that guild determines how crafted items are disseminated and crafted. The lone wolf hogwash of farming turtles for shells to build plate is about as fun as a getting hot sauce rubbed on my genitals. Give my guild pop crafting access based off of our victories to emphasize and cultivate a culture based of meaningful victories and defeats.
  9. Yea that whole born again thing is odd for such a degenerate but hey to each their own. He has always had some hardcore fundamentalist views though, maybe this was just the natural progression of his ethos. Regardless of what he says I still assume eventually he will show up to "assist" DS or WM in some endeavors but it's good to know he has yet to be vanquished by his favored enemy.
  10. I'm not sure if by an empty quote you are praising me or admonishing me.
  11. Not all serious, more pseudo-seriousism than anything. Would you rather a rushed update with little actual content or a non rushed update with actual data that impacts your knowledge. I want my updates to be trained in Kung Fu and put me in a knowledge coma not some weak would be back alley pugilists that has a weak left hook.
  12. drogenn


    2. What if the cheater did it without consent? What if I joined a guild on an alt account to sabotage them? Blanket responses don't work, they need to handle them as they come, with certain expectations from the community.
  13. Has Princess Riffats been around or did she finally fall fighting the mighty Wyrmling Meth.
  14. Bah take that cookie cutter pve garbage back to wow, the whole point of SB was that the story was ours to tell. We told the story in the taking of cities, mines, griefing and forumbane. The map was the greatest story of Shadowbane, making FC events affect that map should have been a part of it. We all remember foes from Shadowbane; Zero custards were given about the name of blah blah lore this and that but we all remember being ganked and wanting to hunt whoever that sob was down and making him pay. Don't force some garbage PVE story on us, let our accomplishments in PvP tell the story of Crowfall. Build a world, give us a deep rooted history, build our past but let us build the future. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!
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