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  1. Gracen and Bear are both ideal Senior NCO's and since they are civies that is one of the best compliments I can give. Weaps is the LT, a little green but with the right NCO's to groom him his leadership skills will blossom. Ahahahahahahaha sorry LT, I had to.
  2. I miss bear, gracen and the LT.
  3. I do believe Crowfail is what's being tossed around in vent already, we had such high hopes too. Back to trolling League
  4. 2 days and a few WM accounts already banned
  5. I saw that in a movie once, to this day I can't buy roses without laughing.
  6. Maybe for you but Coleman (blessed be he) himself described them as delicate and they seem to dissapprove of that, we on the other hand were describe as asshats and embrace it.
  7. Well if I am a creeper with the pedo mustache (poor side), then you are a crazy cat lady bro.
  8. I'll do alot for decent airman on top sex
  9. I like to think that all posts are from protonix, even my own.
  10. Not bad, I'm still with WM, I'm still banging Kristy, I am still an asshat. Nothing has really changed.
  11. And the community is really in for it when all the sb board warrior's start. I'd suggest getting some rounded active devs bc once this ticking bomb goes off they are gona be busy.
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