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  1. I'm okay with being charged to reroll and I'm okay with 1 per year. What about, we are collecting passive points (I'm cool with making choices) that are like League of Legends, in that we are putting them towards campaign masteries?? After 6 months, I've collected points into my trees or whatever...and During each campaign, I have x amount of points to contribute towards masteries or something to do with the campaigns I am entering. As time goes by, I have more to contribute and allocate for when I enter a campaign. They don't need to be stat based, they can be anything that is account based that we can allocate in any way to our campaign. This way we reward passive time-based skilling, but can make individual choices towards our campaigns. Or maybe I'm crazy, lol
  2. I must fully agree with what APE is saying. Were other systems for long-term account growth discussed? Was an Eve system discussed? Per campaign is a great idea BUT it does not speak to long term account growth. Is there a solution to that? I'll agree that an option for special campaigns that involve fresh progression would be great (and something post-launch for sure) in addition to regular campaigns that would use account-skill progression. Tomes for catch up seem very valuable...so much so, that by the time they are crafted (which I assume will be a long time after launch, with the exception of extra accounts sitting and collecting to bank and sell) it might be VERY valuable for the hardcore players to snag some new accounts and give the tomes to themselves? Will we be given a reroll option of ANY sort or are we sol and need to buy an account? OR are we just going to trade our tomes with our other OG friends? Just questions more than concerns.
  3. Yeah, I suppose I'm looking for something that might not be found. I believe that Albion was a fairly easy game to stream without being sniped, but it was so segmented and you were always a few feet away from an easy exit. Additionally all the terrain looks very similar in that game so its difficult to tell them apart. Yes, the game failed hard in many ways...not related to streaming...all related to the game itself; but they got my money years ago LOL. The more I think about it the more I realize its a silly game to attempt to stream. Why would my guild want me to stream? Why would my faction want me to stream? This is a game that is very strategic and group focused and giving away valuable information is very stupid and costly. There are certainly ways to stream the game but overall it's a bad idea. On the point of MMOs being bad for streaming, I'll fully agree...with some exceptions MMOs are super niche and even moreso when it comes to streaming. As for trash-talking...meh. I mean, I like people being able to have fun and I'll leave that up to the devs. I won't report anyone for using bad words...the people who do this type of stuff are not in the wrong in any way, imo. Trash talking in global or whatever will have to be moderated or dealt with by devs ahead of time, because it will obviously happen. The MAGIC solution would be: figure out a way to delay the game-play by 10 minutes...but keep the audio/camera LIVE. That would solve everything, but that technology is crazy to implement. I guess I just wish it was a great game to stream, because I spend a lot of time streaming and I was looking to make it possible. Rust and Dayz have done some awesome things to allow streaming but not break the pvp. BOTH those games, however, are not Throne simulator conquest group/faction based pvp games, so they really aren't a great comparison example. Thanks for being a group of level-headed people. I do not believe a dev should intervene with stream sniping (maybe make a few tweaks and allowances for configurations for streamers) and I fully encourage you to stream-snipe everyone (myself included if I stream again) and kill each other a lot. I'll be trying to figure out an "ideal" way to stream the game and I think it will also be amazing for youtube. Peace, Dave
  4. You are right. But you should also want the game to be streamed...it helps the game. Many other games tackle this same issue, but to take the stance that NOTHING can be done is downright ignorant, in my opinion. You fail to see the correlation between streams and a game's success and I cannot convince you as such without going through many case examples. I imagine the devs would agree and would like to see people streaming the game as well. DayZ got most of its exposure from streamers and faced similar issues. Epic games is SUING people for stream sniping. Some devs don't care or do anything. It's up to the dev to state their stance. I was hoping people would see that I'm less complaining and more trying to find a solution to helping the game be seen, while not changing it at the same time. Requesting things like a mini map option vs a full screen option is entirely reasonable, in my opinion. I like solutions and while I agree with your points, they seem to be coming from a player rather than someone looking for the game to succeed. To assume that a game has a great chance of success without a stream community is to take a large gamble. I'll give this some closer...I'm sure someone who knows one of the devs has seen this thread. You are right. I was stupid to stream the game.
  5. As much as I love the "find a group of people to defend me or bait people" strategy... I really don't. I like to pvp but I don't think there is a way to stream it properly. Offering people the advantage of my knowledge ahead of time always puts me in a position of weakness and I agree, I'm just asking to be sniped. I thought there might be solutions that could increase my chances of being more difficult bait to catch. This will of course come in the form of: bigger maps/servers, more campaigns, more people, new campaigns rather than existing ones, not maxed players vs new players. I think people believe I'm upset about all of this, but I'm really just trying to put it out there as a topic. In pre-alpha, however, its simply not good content to watch or stream if that will be happening. I imagine the devs do not want this type of toxic borderline-harassment for the kicks. Its an over-abuse in a tiny unbalanced test environment where people are trying to help give a new game exposure...not a launched game. They were not helping content, there is no thanks to give. They even said in global that they were watching. They weren't even following. Their goal was to make someone upset. Instead, they might have just eliminated another target and potentially someone who could give the game good free exposure. If you'd like the few bucks I made streaming 8 hours yesterday, I'm happy to donate it to your guild as an alternative to the thanks for the non-content you think was provided. TLDR: This will be a great game for youtube
  6. I fully agree and I'm not looking for carebear patches. This is pre alpha and the situation was entirely concocted to be toxic in an overwhelmingly over powering situation. Anyone looking for me to get good wouldn't bring 2 other maxed people to prove that. In fact, it tells me that the person doing that, then provoking me in global isn't very good themselves. Regardless, it was my fault and its been interesting looking into streaming a game like this I get it and perhaps there is no viable solution in an environment like this. Thank you for your replies.
  7. Sorry and thank you for all the replies. First, to anyone suggesting I don't want to be stream-sniped...NO. That's not what I'm suggesting. I don't want you to feel bad for me; you can stop puffing your virgin chests. To the person that indicated the game is probably NOT stream-worthy (Zybek) YES...that is probably the truth...and YES...it will suck. To anyone puffing their chest about a pvp game and my intention to stream, I AGREE. I'm not looking for privilege or special favors. It is a group game, but an unique one in that it almost entirely demands it. I can't make a stream of waiting for a team of people to hopefully not get trounced. I'd sooner watch someone try and hunt down a streamer. I more-so wanted to speak about an issue that might negatively impact the game. I'm fine with the game as it is, I was looking for solutions to be able to promote it to people. In hindsight, its easy to see why every stream has been chopping wood or running around in groups of 3+ so they can either catch a solo player, or fight off snipers. I feel my suggestions were a good start to giving streamers a bit more tools to withhold their location easier.
  8. So I adore this game and am 3 days brand new. I'm a small streamer who believes in this game and am very happy with its progression. I decided to give a LOT of my free time to provide exposure to Crowfall and stream it. I apologize for the lengthy post, but I just want this game to succeed and if you've noticed a trend with open world pvp games and twitch etc...its that they typically die. In 2018, twitch is almost vital to the success of a game. I've probably sold 12 copies of the game in the 3 days I've streamed. I believe that the positive exposure of this game can outweigh the negative and provide huge benefit. I also believe that we can combat some of the major faults in pvp MMO games and their ability to be streamed. To this day, every pvp mmo has failed to produce a community on twitch. The situation that happened today might very well be a paying player who does not believe in the game and wants to poison it and destroy it from within. They might simply be a jerk...but it brings to light the situation and how we can perhaps provide a solution to streamers and our pvp game. 3 days new, in a pre-alpha game...On a tiny map...that they know well...I'm ganked by not 1 but 3 people fully skilled and geared. Fine. They then proceed to say in global "maybe don't stream the game, because you're poorly made socks". Not only admitting to sniping me, but calling me poorly made socks, after they teamed me at a MASSIVE advantage. We had a lengthy discussion following the incident about what is considered cheating, toxicity, acts against the developer, intentions to hurt the game, simple pvp games where there aren't any rules. There were many sides on the issue. Here is mine: We can't stop this from happening and shouldn't try and police it. I DO believe that behavior like this is DISGUSTING and it would turn almost everyone off. The game has almost no people and to call someone trash after you took an advantage and destroyed them while they were trying to give their free time to promote your game...that's just plain rotten, imo. But whatever...I'm just a dude who can stream another game. I do, however, believe this game is worth more and perhaps we can help encourage streamers to get involved. Here are 2 solutions and hopefully there are many more. 1. have a minimap option rather than a full screen one which streamers can block, like we can currently block the chat and location during alpha. 2. have LOTS of difficult to distinguish and diverse terrains that make it more difficult to determine where on the map a person is...thereby giving a streamer SOMEWHAT of an advantage. I don't mean to cry or stop sniping and I don't expect people to be able to have an easy time while streaming...I just want to encourage the opportunity for people to be able to give this game the exposure it deserves. Speaking about cheating and TOS is a slippery slope and I'd rather just assume that people will do anything, even if it ruins the gameplay of other people, which is against the TOS. How ACE regulates this is not really my concern and I say fair game to everyone, if that's what everyone wants. The fog of war, reset, much bigger map, many more people, many campaigns SHOULD encourage options and I'm just trying to look towards those. Maybe there are other things we can do as well. That's all I've got so far. There are no pve safehavens other than a potential exciting EK dust grind or some armor knitting with grandma streamberg. Hopefully you can see where I'm coming from. I'm not even sure if/how I can continue to stream the game so this is moreso for the future and to bring it up...I think this is worthy at looking at, because I'd hate to see this become a wasteland on twitch. Thank you, Dave PS> A swear word was auto-edited to "poorly made socks"
  9. Thanks for your insight and info. I'm pretty satisfied with these answers. Have a great day.
  10. I think this definitely speaks to the coming months and the info that we will get from ACE regarding the completed game. This has understandably been a test period, while the skeletal infrastructure and systems of the game are being created. I do not expect polish, optimization, full graphics, effects, music, sounds, content, new player experience etc etc at this point. BUT....I am absolutely happy with the velocity of development, focus, communication and many other aspects of this games dev cycle. I think we are ready to hear about some other parts of the game, now that it's very apparent that the game loop itself is coming together nicely. Continuous info, videos, streams and everything we've come to know about the regular aspects Crowfall's development should keep going, but I'd love to start talking about the game stuff very soon now Not the "when" will stuff come, but the "what" will stuff look like when it comes. TLDR: Let's start some discussions around what the game will look like when it is ready for soft launch later this year. We don't need guarantees or commitments, but its definitely time to start the flow of ideas and info please.
  11. Yeah, its really awesome and difficult to be a great gatherer. The pip and weak spot system makes it a game in itself, which is amazing. It's the combat of gathering...possibly even the greatest gathering system I've ever seen. It would DEFINITELY have to be bound time that gets directly applied and not time that could be sold. You wouldn't be earning much at all, it would moreso be a tiny added bonus that would help your time bank. But I agree, it's a difficult thing to put in. I just feel there is a bit of a disconnect between being good at something and showing that you've worked hard to be deemed "good". I enjoy the skill system a LOT and the catch-up system also makes sense, so I don't have any problems with the system in place. I'm just speaking from both personal and alternate opinions from people who enjoy the gratification of being rewarded for doing things. You see, the working at the gathering does not make me a better gatherer...which directly conflicts with every work/reward that really drives my motivation. I LOVE the free points, but I also LOVE being acknowledged for the work I do. I agree, its a fine balance...but I can't put a dream in a box and open it in a few weeks and become a good painter...I need to paint. It is literally the act of repetitive painting that makes me a better painter. Players FEED off of that stuff in other games. Make it a super tiny buff that appears and adds a trivial amount directly to our accounts (aka Not "tomb-able"). TLDR: I think we need SOMETHING that gives us the gratification of the work performed, while not breaking the current system in place. I get it, I'm doing meaningful things, which is awesome. But while I'm doing those meaningful things, the game isn't acknowledge me becoming a better "something" while I'm doing them. This will resolve a LOT of things imo. PS. I do NOT think we should receive this for doing ANYTHING...only what we've decided to spec into on our skill tree. eg. I'm speccing into runemaking and I am getting a tiny buff for runemaking while I am runemaking. I would not get this buff if I weren't skilling into runemaking.
  12. I totally get where you're coming from. I just thought I'd throw it out there to see what opinions were. Having said that, I am more efficient when I equip certain disciplines and utlize my pips and rotations better and hit the target on the gathering node and those are all things that differentiate casuals from try-hards. These things are visible throughout any good game and I see no reason why the guy who chops down thousands of trees can't be rewarded in a similar way, even a tiny way. EDIT: I just realized how good the game of using pips in rotation is for harvesting. The complexity in that means that the fortnite idea of a target every time was a bad idea from me. It works very well as it is. I'm not going to dwell on this topic, as I don't feel like its a game-breaker in any way, but quality of life things and little changes can make a big difference IF they are actually good ideas. These ideas might not be that great lol.
  13. Yes, I'm aware of that...I don't think I stated my request correctly, however, as that does not represent the same thing. Strength and dexterity represent a bonus to almost any type of player and leveling via sacrifice does not represent the same thing as "making me feel like I'm becoming a better crafter" while I'm crafting. My suggestion is for those that want to feel like that their "tree cutting" is directly affecting their "tree cutting". You see, it is ALSO the act of repeatedly doing something that makes us better at it. I'd love for players to be able to feel a sense of accomplishment towards their overall goals and be aware of it.
  14. Hi I have 2 important suggestions that I'd like to bring up for discussion. I might have many more in the future, but these are the first. 1. I love the active things we do to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the game, with optional alternatives to more passively or afk-style play. Can we please complete the active cycle with the already awesome gathering, but making each swing have a different target (like Fortnite)? This would be rather than the occasional appearing target, we'd have a new target in a close proximity every swing that we'd be aiming to hit. This would make the gathering game even more fun and rewarding!! Of course, those that just want to whack on the tree can still do so and not even pay attention to the targets if they want. 2. I really love most aspects of the timed skills...BUT as a fighter, or crafter, or gatherer or lover of getting rewards for actions, beyond the already awesome meaningful things we get from those actions. Can we PLEASE discuss adding a buff to reflect an action that either increases the speed of xp earned in the timebank (by a SMALL amount) OR maybe bank a separate bonus tomb while performing actions that can be added to our trees. aka, if I'm in pvp/combat I could receive a buff for combat, to be later added to combat. OR if I'm chopping a tree, I'd get a buff for gathering. It's not the amount of xp or buff or time banked, but the fact that we are ACTIVELY being rewarded and it's flashing in our face while doing it (even in a tiny way that doesn't affect the core system). I don't mean to break or change the system, but man...as a gatherer, it would be awesome to see a buff letting me know that being a gatherer is making me a better gatherer What are your thoughts? Dave https://twitch.tv/fishdix
  15. I'm 4 days in and I think the game is phenomenal. This is probably the best pre-alpha I could ever ask for...I think the target for soft launch is entirely achievable. Clearly polish, optimization, new player experience, campaign content and cosmetics will come last. I too would like to know what polish and content you are expecting to overhaul or update for launch. Ideas for campaign types and how many will be running at a time. How many options we'll have for character customizations. What polish will be added...someone asked me if the grass and rocks were going to be the same at launch or just a placeholder, as an example and I didn't know the answer. What animations, effects and graphics are expected to be polished, generally speaking? I am concerned with the removal of the basic skill trees, as it relates to the current news article and 5.6 update. I love making important choices and sacrifices, but the basic trees allow players to experience the game and make mistakes (as all new players do) without being penalized for them, as they try and discover how they enjoy playing, before they make critical choices as to their path. Removing this entry buffer and tree is very dangerous, imo, as new players will be forced to make ultimate decisions too early in the game that they might very well be upset with, while also being denied the opportunity to test out many different races and classes before settling. I hope I'm not mistaken as to my understanding of this change. Thank you so much for making such an amazing game! Dave twitch.tv/fishdix
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