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  1. To the point raised by Xarrayne - please also add a simple hotkey to changing an amount to the max amount ... instead of inducing the RSI / tedium of clicking/holding down the scroll arrows. When focus is on the crafting window and there is a up/down quantity option - make something like Ctrl-Shft-UpArrow set it to 50, and Ctrl-Shft-DownArrow set it to 1.
  2. Completely agree, there's reworks that would make sieges more fun, with respect to both the keep/castle designs as well as mechanics. Due to the compressed nature (i.e. you gotta push in 1 hour or you lose), less war of attrition - more a war of bodies. If there weren't chokes, I believe our Saturday castle siege would've been over pretty quick (WHoAV had considerably less bro's compared to the Wednesday no show). In addition - had the first attacking force gone straight to the top ward, was it CC/Valeria? I want to say the outcome could've been different. Opinions suck,
  3. *Sits down on his rocking chair, and pulls a blanket over his lap to reminisce* I think we're all in agreement, especially the campaign world, a keep should not be a safe haven. However, the current implementation has limitations. Some examples from Shadowbane that could have good use cases in Crowfall; Ability to set guard pathing ... meaning less of the empty spots we see in key places now. Spires (sentinels) in a city could be switched on/off, running them outside of a siege window was however expensive (ignore the fact that there was duped gold in SB, a
  4. Please remove mobile banking from all accounts... ...except mine. /signed
  5. SB also had socials. (I know, I know, post-release goals!)... also looking forward to the size of my character increasing when I put 200 STR into it!
  6. HMU, ILYBB, will give bacon.

  7. ^confirmed, the chests spawn, but when you press F to loot, there's no interaction / loot window doesnt pop.
  8. Welcome! The second account will absolutely help (i.e. one for combat, one for crafting/gathering). If you started to try and play yesterday, you won the lottery, in a negative sense. There was a patch that broke quite a few things. Servers went down this morning - hopefully to fix some of those! There's a number of guilds recruiting - Crowfall is absolutely a team game, playing solo will bewilder and frustrate. Check out Guild Recruiting sub forum I've only recently returned from a ~2 year hiatus, expect performance issues, expect roving bands of thugs in the PVP enabled zone
  9. As reported, groups are borked. Newbie quest line broken (Knowledge of Ages), hard stop there. Cant progress after speaking with Hurnn. RIP NPE. Fort loot still not appearing (at least on MOON facshun).
  10. Background Backer #4 on Kickstarter for CF. That's not a flex attempt - it's just a method to try and show how much, I really wanted, and still want this game to be everything. For my sins in life, I am a former Shadowbane player. God I love the memories of staying up all night at a bane to protect pixels. I'm with Winterblades. For all the fun in game, they are a highly organised group of like-minded individuals who want to excel at the game, they are a picture of organisation. I came back with the Beta announcement. For some reason, they hadnt kicked me, happy days! You guys sh
  11. Came here to post on this, just watched the start of episode 2, and saw the Crowfall footage, great plug folks! (I'll be scanning the credits and hope the game is listed!_
  12. Excellent! Super happy to hear that socials, and the /chop emote will now get their focus on the work stack. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. Jah consumed your bundle rewards as a side dish when he was crunching on his Cheerios this morning.
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